This post was inspired by jcwren's comment here, mentioning that Super Search would have been an easy way to see that the topic had been covered before.

I poked around, and realized that Super Search is not easy to find out about. It doesn't appear in the Site How To or the PerlMonks FAQ. The Search Results page doesn't mention it. (in fact, a search for "search" doesn't give it). The only location I found it in was in the "leftovers" nodelet. (which I had turned off).

As more and more information is posted to PerlMonks, it becomes more and more obvious that the standard search is insufficient. I propose that the Super Search be integrated into the Search Results page. Something simple like "Have you tried Super Search?". (I seem to recall that being there at one point, possibly removed to reduce server load?)

If server load is a concern, perhaps the note would only show up for cases where search results returned 0 results, or more than 20?

(We should also update the Site How To or the Perl Monks FAQ, but until I have the time/willingness to write the section, it'd be wrong of me to discuss it...oh, wait. :) )

If we want people to find PM useful, and if we expect them to know what has been discussed, we should make sure it is easy to find information.