Item Description: Generate pickup lines in Perl

Review Synopsis: Like the POD says - generates lines guaranteed to get you slapped.

I was advised (jokingly, I'm sure) that I should write a review of this module that's shown up on CPAN recently. I've done my best to bring you the best review I could scrape together.

Bone::Easy does nothing more than generate random pickup lines. What it produces range from the simple to outright explicit. (Let's just say that I'm glad that nobody was looking over my shoulder when I tested it.)

In order to properly test the module, I tried some of the tamer lines on coworkers (and some of the not so tame on my fiancee). The module works as advertised - guaranteed to get you slapped.

One interesting aspect is that the rules portion (Bone::Easy::Rules) is not GPLed - commercial use requires a fee. Just exactly who would use this module (or why) for commercial purposes is beyond me.

I'm not sure what the intended context of this module is - do you run a few iterations before hitting the club for ideas or do you call over that cute girl in the computer lab to read your screen? Either way, you'll be left with quite an impression - hand shaped, right across the cheek.