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seeker watch

by vladdrak (Monk)
on Sep 14, 2000 at 02:13 UTC ( [id://32379]=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: PerlMonks Related Scripts
Author/Contact Info Vlad Drak
Description: Checks perlmonks at a defined interval for new seeker posts and notifies when found. Since I'm on a Windows box primarily now, it plays a .wav. Season to taste.
use strict;
use LWP::Simple;
use Win32::Sound;

my $poll=600;
my $wav='c:\winnt\media\chimes.wav';
my $question;


sub watch {
  my @content = split/\n/,get("");
  my $hit;
  for (@content) {
    if ($hit and /href.*node.*\>(.*)\<\/a\>/i) {$hit=0;compare($1)};
    $hit=1 if /New Questions/;

sub compare {
  my $curquestion=shift;

  if ($question ne $curquestion) {
  sleep $poll;

sub act {
  print "New Question: $question\n";
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RE: seeker watch
by kilinrax (Deacon) on Sep 26, 2000 at 19:12 UTC
    Here's an x-windows version, with slight adjustments.
    #!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use LWP::Simple; my $poll = 60; my $question = {}; { &watch; sleep $poll; redo; } sub watch { my $content = get(' +%20Perl%20Wisdom'); if ($content =~ /<font color=white>User Questions<\/font>.+?<a hre +f=\"\/index\.pl\?node_id=\S+\">(.*?)<\/a>/is) { compare($1); } } sub compare { my $curquestion = shift; if ($question ne $curquestion) { $question = $curquestion; &act; } } sub act { system "xmessage \"New PerlMonks Question: $question\""; }
      I updated the script to work with unapproved questions. I don't like to be popped, so it dumps on term only. I shamelessly copied the passwd stuff from jcwren's luke_repwalker.
      #!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use LWP::Simple; use Getopt::Std; use URI::Escape; use constant APPROV => 'Approved'; use constant UNAPPROV => 'Unapproved'; my $poll = 60; my %question = ( APPROV, '', UNAPPROV,''); my $count = 0; $|=1; { my %args; getopts('u:p:', \%args); # Replace these dies with username/password my $user = $args{u} || 'jeroenes' || # You can put your name here die("You need to specify the user with -u"); my $pass = $args{p} || 'youdontwannaknowdoyou' || # You can put yo +ur password here die("You need to specify the password with -p"); main( $user, $pass ) while (1); } sub main { watch( @_); my @secs = times; $secs[0] += $secs[2]; $secs[1] += $secs[3]; printf "Done %5i fetch%s since last new question. CPU: %8.3f user; + %8.3f system\r", ++$count, $count>1?'es':'', @secs; sleep $poll; } sub watch { my $url = ' +20Wisdom'; if (@_) { my $user = uri_escape(shift); my $passwd = uri_escape(shift); $url .= "&op=login&user=$user&passwd=$passwd"; } my $content = get($url) or return; if ($content =~ m/<font color=white>User Questions<\/font>.+?<a hr +ef=\"\/index\.pl\?node_id=\S+\">(.*?)<\/a>/is) { compare( APPROV, $1); } if ($content =~ m/<font color=white>Unapproved Questions<\/font>.+ +?<a href=\"\/index\.pl\?node_id=\S+\">(.*?)<\/a>/is) { compare( UNAPPROV, $1); } } sub compare { my $state = shift; my $curquestion = shift; if ($question{$state} ne $curquestion) { $question{$state} = $curquestion; act($state); $count = 0; } } sub act { my $state = shift; print "\nNew $state PerlMonks Question: $question{$state}\n"; }
      prints out some CPU info while waiting....


      "We are not alone"(FZ)

RE: seeker watch
by vroom (His Eminence) on Sep 14, 2000 at 03:18 UTC
    The wave should be the sound from Monty Python's, "The Holy Grail" with the monks chanting and hitting themselves in the forehead with wooden boards.

    vroom | Tim Vroom |
      And here it is.... :)

      Other "Holy Grail" sound can be downloaded here. Have fun.

      /brother t0mas
RE: seeker watch
by d4vis (Chaplain) on Sep 14, 2000 at 23:03 UTC
    Should you initialize $question? I get :
    Use of uninitialized value in string ne at line 26.

    when I run it with '-w' in the shebang.


      doh.. updated.
Re: seeker watch
by Ido (Hermit) on Jul 25, 2002 at 01:50 UTC
    A very similar GUI script I've written some time ago. (Before I'd seen that one..Otherwise I wouldn't have written it;)
    #!perl -w use strict; use Tk; use Win32::Process; use LWP::Simple; use Storable 'nstore','retrieve'; use Socket; my $mw=new MainWindow(-title=>'Running...'); my($space,$browser,$nqfocus,$nqal,$nqem,$nrfocus,$nral,$nrem,$frfocus, +$fral,$frem,$to,$smtp,$timer,$rep)=eval '@{retrieve(q/seekers.inf/)}' +; END{nstore [$space,$browser,$nqfocus,$nqal,$nqem,$nrfocus,$nral,$nrem, +$frfocus,$fral,$frem,$to,$smtp],'seekers.inf'}; $mw->Label(-textvariable=>\(my $timeshow='Time to next check: 00:00')) +->pack; $mw->Label(-textvariable=>\(my $nq))->pack; my $buttons=$mw->Frame->pack; $buttons->Button(-text=>'Launch',-command=>\&launch)->pack(-side=> +'left'); my($pause,$pausea,$cont); $pausea=sub{$rep->cancel;$mw->title('Paused');$pause->configur +e(-text=>'Continue',-command=>$cont)}; $cont=sub{$rep=$mw->repeat(1000,\&timer);$mw->title('Running') +;$pause->configure(-text=>'Pause',-command=>$pausea)}; $pause=$buttons->Button(-text=>'Pause',-command=>$pausea)->pack(-s +ide=>'left'); $buttons->Button(-text=>'Check Now',-command=>\&check)->pack(-side +=>'left'); my $options=$mw->Frame; my @o; $o[0]=$options->Label(-text=>'General Settings: ')->form(-top=>5,- +left=>15); $o[1]=$options->Label(-text=>'Time between checks: ')->form(-top=> +[$o[0],3],-left=>5); $o[2]=$options->Entry(-width=>4,-textvariable=>\($space=60))->form +(-top=>['&',$o[1]],-left=>[$o[1],3]); $o[3]=$options->Label(-text=>'seconds')->form(-top=>['&',$o[1]],-l +eft=>$o[2]); $o[4]=$options->Label(-text=>'Web Browser Location: ')->form(-top= +>[$o[1],1],-left=>5); $o[5]=$options->Entry(-textvariable=>\$browser)->form(-top=>['&',$ +o[4]],-left=>[$o[4],3]); $o[6]=$options->Button(-text=>'...',-command=>sub{$browser=$mw->ge +tOpenFile(-title=>'Web Browser',-filetypes=>[['Programs','.exe']])})- +>form(-top=>['&',$o[4]],-left=>[$o[5],1]); $o[7]=$options->Label(-text=>'E-Mail Recipient: ')->form(-top=>[$o +[4],1],-left=>5); $o[8]=$options->Entry(-textvariable=>\$to)->form(-top=>['&',$o[7]] +,-left=>[$o[7],3]); $o[9]=$options->Label(-text=>'SMTP Server: ')->form(-top=>[$o[7],1 +],-left=>5); $o[10]=$options->Entry(-textvariable=>\$smtp)->form(-top=>['&',$o[ +9]],-left=>[$o[9],3]); $o[11]=$options->Label(-text=>'Upon New Question: ')->form(-top=>[ +$o[10],5],-left=>['&',$o[0]]); $o[12]=$options->Checkbutton(-variable=>\$nqal)->form(-top=>[$o[11 +],1],-left=>5); $o[13]=$options->Label(-text=>'Auto Launch')->form(-top=>['&',$o[1 +2]],-left=>[$o[12],1]); $o[14]=$options->Checkbutton(-variable=>\$nqfocus)->form(-top=>[$o +[13],1],-left=>5); $o[15]=$options->Label(-text=>'Focus Window')->form(-top=>['&',$o[ +14]],-left=>[$o[14],1]); $o[16]=$options->Checkbutton(-variable=>\$nqem)->form(-top=>[$o[15 +],1],-left=>5); $o[17]=$options->Label(-text=>'Send E-Mail')->form(-top=>['&',$o[1 +6]],-left=>[$o[16],1]); $o[18]=$options->Label(-text=>'Upon First Reply: ')->form(-top=>[$ +o[17],5],-left=>['&',$o[0]]); $o[19]=$options->Checkbutton(-variable=>\$fral)->form(-top=>[$o[18 +],1],-left=>5); $o[20]=$options->Label(-text=>'Auto Launch')->form(-top=>['&',$o[1 +9]],-left=>[$o[19],1]); $o[21]=$options->Checkbutton(-variable=>\$frfocus)->form(-top=>[$o +[20],1],-left=>5); $o[22]=$options->Label(-text=>'Focus Window')->form(-top=>['&',$o[ +21]],-left=>[$o[21],1]); $o[23]=$options->Checkbutton(-variable=>\$frem)->form(-top=>[$o[22 +],1],-left=>5); $o[24]=$options->Label(-text=>'Send E-Mail')->form(-top=>['&',$o[2 +3]],-left=>[$o[23],1]); $o[25]=$options->Label(-text=>'Upon Any New Reply: ')->form(-top=> +[$o[24],5],-left=>['&',$o[0]]); $o[26]=$options->Checkbutton(-variable=>\$nral)->form(-top=>[$o[25 +],1],-left=>5); $o[27]=$options->Label(-text=>'Auto Launch')->form(-top=>['&',$o[2 +6]],-left=>[$o[26],1]); $o[28]=$options->Checkbutton(-variable=>\$nrfocus)->form(-top=>[$o +[27],1],-left=>5); $o[29]=$options->Label(-text=>'Focus Window')->form(-top=>['&',$o[ +28]],-left=>[$o[28],1]); $o[30]=$options->Checkbutton(-variable=>\$nrem)->form(-top=>[$o[29 +],1],-left=>5); $o[31]=$options->Label(-text=>'Send E-Mail')->form(-top=>['&',$o[3 +0]],-left=>[$o[30],1]); my($settings,$noset); $settings=$mw->Button(-text=>'Settings>>',-command=>sub{$settings->pac +kForget;$noset->pack(-anchor=>'e');$options->pack})->pack(-anchor=>'e +'); $noset=$mw->Button(-text=>'Hide Settings<<',-command=>sub{$noset->pack +Forget;$settings->pack(-anchor=>'e');$options->packForget}); { my($last,$lastre); sub check{ $timer=$space; $rep->cancel if $rep; $mw->title($last?'Checking...':'Initializing...');$mw->update; my $content=get(' +s%20of%20Perl%20Wisdom') or $mw->title('Error...'),$timer=10,$rep=$mw +->repeat(1000,\&timer),return; my($first,$question)=$content=~/<!-- Begin Post -->(.*?<a[^>]* +>([^<]*)<.*?)<!-- End Post -->/s; $first=~s/(\d+)\srepl(y|ies)//; $nq="$question ($1 repl".($1==1?'y':'ies)'); if($last and $first ne $last){ launch() if $nqal; $mw->deiconify,$mw->focusForce if $nqfocus; sendemail('New Question') if $nqem; } elsif(defined $lastre and $lastre!=$1){ launch() if $nral; $mw->deiconify,$mw->focusForce if $nrfocus; sendemail('New Reply') if $nrem; if($1==1){ launch() if $fral&&!$nral; $mw->deiconify,$mw->focusForce if $frfocus&&!$nrfocus; sendemail('First Reply') if $frem&&!$nrem; } } $lastre=$1;$last=$first; $rep=$mw->repeat(1000,\&timer); $mw->title('Running...');$mw->update; } } sub timer{check() unless $timer;$timer--;$timeshow=sprintf 'Time to ne +xt check: %02d:%02d',int($timer/60),$timer%60} sub launch{Win32::Process::Create(my $obj,$browser,'http://www.perlmon',0,NORMAL_PRIORITY_ +CLASS,'.')} sub sendemail{ $mw->title('Sending E-Mail...'); $mw->update; socket my($fh),PF_INET,SOCK_STREAM,scalar getprotobyname('tcp'); connect $fh,sockaddr_in(25,inet_aton($smtp)) or die $!; select+(select($fh),$|=1)[0]; print $fh "HELO localhost\15\12MAIL FROM:<update\>\15\12 +RCPT TO:$to\15\12","DATA\15\12To: $to\15\12Subject: $_[0]\15\12\15\12 +$nq\15\12.\15\12QUIT\15\12"; } $mw->after(1000,\&check); MainLoop;

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