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Can I change my username?

by SiteDocClan
on Jan 26, 2004 at 06:20 UTC ( #324084=sitefaqlet: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Can I change my username?

If you've merely lost your password, see What's my password? instead.

You cannot change your username directly. You can ask a god to do it for you, since only they have this power.

However, even though it can be done, it is officially "discouraged". One thing you should seriously consider is the (human) reputation your fellow Monks may have already attached to your current username. Many will not notice the name change, and assume you're a new monk. Is that what you want?

If you just want to be known by a different name, simply go Create A New User (keeping in mind the Site Rules Governing User Accounts). Many people here have done this and it works quite well.

You have to have a really good reason for having your username changed. Simply wanting a new name is not considered sufficient. In particular, the gods will want to be assured that you will never ask for a name change again, and that the requested change will cause minimal disruption to Monastery life. For example, trading a silly, dated, hard-to-remember/type name for an elegant, timeless, easy-to-remember/type name is generally considered A Good Thing; the opposite, not so much.

If you're really certain that you want to rename your existing account, and you've got a really good reason with which to persuade the gods, then /msg your request to them, with your rationale. You'd best be as persuasive (yet humble) as possible. You may subsequently be given the third degree in the Chatterbox.

In the mean time, do not create a new account with the name you want! That will just make things much more complicated, to the extent that the gods may decide not to honor your request after all.

The gods will be particularly disinclined to honor your plea if you've ever had a username change before. No one should need more than one chance to fix an unfit username, chosen in the haste of youth.

Note that the request will be unconditionally denied if the requested username is already in use.

When you are given your new name, your old name becomes a note linking to your re-named homenode. So if anyone goes looking you up by your old name (e.g. via a link in an old node), they will discover the truth of who you've become. :-)
If you like to hang out in the Chatterbox, you should probably tell people that you were formerly known as ___, so they can make the connection.

Discussion: Username Changing: Redux; Username Changing

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