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I'm to develop a "feeds" program for a porn website.

I am hosting a number of video files on my servers. I allow other webmasters to link to my videos from their website, and I charge them by total bandwidth consumed.

You run a website called "XXX Free Perl", and you have signed up on my site to link to videos on my server including one file called "two_monks_one_girl_(HOT!).mpg" . At the end of the month, I need to know how many of your viewers watched my video, and how much bandwidth they used. I would also need to know how much bandwidth another webmaster consumed by linking to the same video.

And finally, I need to know how much total bandwidth was used transferring any specific video of mine so I can kindly pay the producer of the video his royalties. This is probably easier.

Before its pointed out to me, I'll say that the other half of this program would be properly securing who has access to what files and when. I know.

The problem is that I just have no idea where to start. We're running UNIX boxen, so I could use PHP for this if that would work better. The server is probably Apache, but this product is critical and we would switch servers if necessary.

Do any Perl modules accomplish anything similar to this? Can Apache gather this info for me? Thanks ahead for any direction you can offer.