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by Wampa (Hermit)
on Feb 11, 2004 at 11:09 UTC ( [id://328228]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

My Homenode

My Biography

My name is Patrik Ružič. Nickname as you can see Wampa. I am living in little town Bánovce nad Bebravou with 20 000 citizens in Slovakia. I was born in 12.april 1976. I finished university of building with specialization on water works. I met with programing the first time when I wrote my graduation theses in Visual Basic for application. After university I started work as designer of water works, and work it to nowdays. In 17.may 2003 I get married.

My Hobbies

-fantasy books, films
-music:Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield
-3D graphics

My Skills

HTML - advance
PHP - advance
MySQL - advance
Perl and Embperl - beginner
PostgreSQL - beginner
3D Studio - beginner
Maya - beginner
AutoCAD - profesional

My Favourite Web Sites

My site about 3D, 2D graphics, CAD applications, Web programing, all in Slovak language
CGtalk, site about 3D


Nowdays I am working on iCAL website. This site will be international and is programing with Embperl and PostgreSQL.
Second project on which I am working is site about water works. This site will be only in Slovak language and programing with Embperl and PostgreSQL.

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