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Re: Regex Homework

by markmoon (Deacon)
on Feb 24, 2004 at 14:44 UTC ( #331389=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Regex Homework

Just so people reset their "Homework Detectors™" down to stun, chuleto1 does in fact state:

"Yes, this is homework."

in his opening sentence.

That pesky markmoon guy.
@a = ("a".."z"," ","-","\n");foreach $b ( 12,0,17,10,24,12,14,14,13,26,8,18,26,0,26, 22,0,13,13,0,27,1,4,26,15,4,17,11,26,7,0, 2,10,4,17) {print $a[$b]};print $a[28];

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Re: Re: Regex Homework
by markmoon (Deacon) on Feb 26, 2004 at 05:36 UTC
    Yeah, I noticed that there was a bit of a hubbub going on about this thread later on. I also don't think it's right that a node can be altered without indicating an update.

    Anybody could post a crap reply, wait for merlyn or Abigail or someone on their level to come along later and give the correct answer, copy that to their reply and scoop up XP and glory. Completely, changes the context of your post and mine. It's also too bad you took an XP beating there, for a while. Although I'm not that interested in XP, I do see your point.

    Sorry man! Here... have a beer; )


    @a = ("a".."z"," ","-","\n");foreach $b ( 12,0,17,10,24,12,14,14,13,26,8,18,26,0,26, 22,0,13,13,0,27,1,4,26,15,4,17,11,26,7,0, 2,10,4,17) {print $a[$b]};print $a[28];
Re: Re: Regex Homework
by mildside (Friar) on Feb 26, 2004 at 03:15 UTC
    Yes, but only after I prompted them with my post. That opening sentence (and 'Homework' in the title) were added only in response to my post.

    So actually, I think my "Homework Detector™" worked rather well.


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