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ok, timer is concurrent, for delay after N seconds its a bit more typing (should be some kind of helper ) ... but this is still cooperative multitasking type deal, if any one of your steps blocks, well, then it blocks :) got to this from

There might be better ways ... its best to consult mojo irc channel for that ... maybe check the logs at

#!/usr/bin/perl -- # Automatically enables "strict", "warnings", "utf8" and Perl 5.10 fea +tures use Mojolicious::Lite; Main( @ARGV ); exit( 0 ); sub myapp { my $tx = shift; $tx->send( "Entering myapp." ); my @delays; foreach my $xx ( 0 .. 3 ) { $tx->send( "$xx...".localtime() ); #~ #~ push @delays, sub { my ($delay, @args) = @_; Mojo::IOLoop->timer( 3 => $delay->begin ); $tx->send( "after 3 $xx...".localtime() ); }; } $tx->send( "Leaving myapp." ); Mojo::IOLoop->delay( @delays )->wait; return "You should never see this."; } ## end sub myapp sub Main { get '/' => sub { my $c = shift; $c->render( 'index' ); }; get '/log2' => sub { my $c = shift; $c->render( 'log2' ); }; websocket '/log3' => \&ws_log4; app->secrets( [ 'password' => '8675309J' ] ); app->start; } ## end sub Main sub ws_log4 { my $self = shift; my $tx = $self->tx; my $ip = $tx->remote_address; app->log->debug( "Client '$ip' connected" ); $tx->send( "Entering log4." ); $self->inactivity_timeout( 50 ); Mojo::IOLoop->timer( 2 => sub { myapp( $tx ) } ); ## get started $self->on( finish => sub { my( $c, $code, $reason ) = @_; $c->app->log->debug( "WebSocket closed with status $code." + ); } ); $tx->send( "Leaving log4." ); } ## end sub ws_log4 __DATA__ @@ index.html.ep <html> <head> <title>Static Page</title> </head> <body> <h1>Index Page</h1> <p>This is a static page. For WebSockets example, click <a href="/log2">here</a> +. </p> </body> </html> @@ log2.html.ep <html> <head> <title>WebSockets Example</title> %= javascript '/mojo/jquery/jquery.js' </head> <body> <p> wait for it ) <form><textarea id="result" cols="70" rows="30"></textarea +></form> %= javascript begin var ws = new WebSocket('<%= url_for('log3')->to_abs %> +'); ws.onopen = function() { $('#result').text("Connection open."); ws.send("Hi."); }; ws.onmessage = function (e) { // $('#result').append( "\n" + ( (new Date()).toIS +OString() ) + " : " +; $('#result').append( "\n" + ( (new Date()).toLocal +eString() ) + " : " +; }; % end </body> </html>

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