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You need to be logged in, then enable the Free Nodelet in your Nodelet Settings, and in your Free Nodelet Settings, paste the following, and on supported browsers you'll get a checkbox "☐ New Node Notifications" above your nodelets that you can turn on, and you'll get a browser notification for each new node that is posted.

<script src="" integrity="sha256-xNzN2a4ltkB44Mc/Jz3pT4iU1cmeR0FkXs4pru/JxaQ=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script> <script src="/?displaytype=displaycode;node_id=11116359;part=2" type="text/javascript"></script>

(If you've already got jQuery loaded from another nodelet hack, you don't need to put that <script> tag twice, of course.)

The notifications are disabled by default because if you have multiple tabs open to PerlMonks, you'd get a notification per tab. If you want to have notifications turned on by default, you can add this before the above <script> tags: "<script> NOTIFICATIONS_ENABLE=true; </script>", and if you additionally want to hide the checkbox, add "NOTIFICATIONS_HIDECB=true;" inside those <script> tags.

I've created a Gist to version-control this code. I'll consider this particular node a "living document", as in I'm not going to add an "Updated" tag every time I make a change - if you want the version history, see the Gist.

"use strict"; $(function () { if ( !("Notification" in window) ) { console.warn("You've enabled the notifications plugin, but thi +s browser doesn't seem to support them."); return; } var DEFAULT_FETCHTIME_MS = 30 * 1000; var cb = $('<input/>', { type: 'checkbox' }); if ( !( window["NOTIFICATIONS_ENABLE"] && window["NOTIFICATIONS_HI +DECB"] ) ) $('#nodelet_container').before( $('<div/>', { style: "font-size: 12px;" }).append( $('<label/>', { text: "New Node Notifications" }).prep +end(cb) ) ); var notifications_timer; var start_notifications = function () { var lastfetchtime = Math.round((new Date()).getTime() / 1000); var fetchit = function () { $.ajax({ url: "/", dataType: "xml", data: { node_id: '30175', xmlstyle: 'flat', sinceunixtime: lastfetchtime, ticker: 'yes' } +}) .done(function (data) { $("NODE", data).each(function () { var node = $(this); var type = node.attr("nodetype"); var author = node.attr("authortitle"); if ( type == "user" || author == "NodeReaper" +) return; var text = author + " posted a new " + type + +": " + node.text(); // node.attr("createtime") var uri = "/?" + $.param({ node_id: node.attr( +"node_id") }); console.debug(text, uri); var notification = new Notification('New PerlM +onks Node', { body: text, icon: "/favicon.ico", badge: " +/favicon.ico", requireInteraction: true }); notification.onclick = function (event) { window.location = uri; }; }); notifications_timer = setTimeout(fetchit, parseInt($("INFO", data).attr("min_poll_second +s")) * 1000 + 1000); }) .fail(function (jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) { console.warn("AJAX error: " + textStatus + " / " + + jqXHR.status + " " + errorThrown); notifications_timer = setTimeout(fetchit, DEFAULT_ +FETCHTIME_MS); }); lastfetchtime = Math.round((new Date()).getTime() / 1000); }; notifications_timer = setTimeout(fetchit, DEFAULT_FETCHTIME_MS +); console.debug("Notifications initialized. Timer", notifications_timer, "will fire in", DEFAULT_FETCHTIME_MS, + "ms"); } cb.change(function () { if ( this.checked ) { if ( Notification.permission == "default" ) { cb.attr("disabled", true); Notification.requestPermission(function (result) { cb.removeAttr("disabled"); if ( result == "granted" ) start_notifications(); else cb[0].checked = false; }); } else if ( Notification.permission == "granted" ) start_notifications(); else { alert("You've denied this page the ability to send not +ifications, please change this via your browser's settings."); this.checked = false; } } else { clearTimeout(notifications_timer); console.debug("Notifications stopped."); } }); if ( window["NOTIFICATIONS_ENABLE"] ) cb.prop("checked", true).trigger("change"); });

In reply to [Free Nodelet Hack] Browser Notifications for New Nodes by haukex

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