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blib/ and its subdirs are "build lib", and are throwaway. make clean will remove blib/, and will remove a few other things.

pm_to_blib is also build output, and goes away with make clean.

File-Slurp-Affix-0.01_01/ and its subdirs are the output of make disttest. After you've pulled out the META.* files that it provides, you can safely delete it.

Your .gitignore should also be configured to ignore most of the generated files, except the META.yaml and META.json files that you'll pull into the top level. And if the make distcheck command is reporting files that you don't want to add to your distribution, you can set up a custom MANIFEST.SKIP (but will need to add to it the defaults that you are getting for free when that file doesn't exist).

Don't bundle MYMETA.* with the distribution. Those are generated just in time. But META.* are useful to the CPAN indexers. I think the man\d/ directories are generated and will be removed by make clean, or make realclean, so don't bundle them.


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