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Good day Monks,

I hope you are all well. I am very novice Perl user, in fact I have only used sendEmail.exe by Brandon Zehm, which is a packed Windows executable based on Perl.

That specific version of sendEmail is old and only supports TLSv1.0

I have found an updated Perl script patched to used TLSv1.2.

I have used Par::Packer (installed via cpan)to pack this updated Perl script into an executable, but no matter what I do, the executable keeps asking for Net::SSLeay and IO::Socket::SSL if Perl is not installed. (It works fine if Perl is installed or if I run the .pl script)

Below is the error message from sendEmail.

sendEmail.exe: ERROR => No TLS support! SendEmail can't load required libraries. (try installing Net::SSLeay and IO::Socket::SSL)

Things that I tried:

  • I have used pp with -M Net::SSLeay -M IO::Socket::SSL.
  • I have installed Strawberry Perl 32 bit and 64 bit. (v5.32.1.1)
  • I have used Perl Portable instead. (v5.32.1.1)
  • I have used an older version of Perl. (v5.26.3.1 32 bit Portable)
  • I have made sure the needed packages are installed and up to date.
  • I have tried to use Dependency Walker, but it seems to hang on my workstation (Windows 10 20H2 x64).
  • pp -x fails with this error message: SYSTEM ERROR in executing : 256 at C:/Perl/perl/site/lib/Module/ line 1503.
  • I do not understand why the generated executable is not finding or loading the required libraries.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    In reply to pp generated executable can't find or load libraries by vexed

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