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You can find some interesting parts in my questions and meditations in the last year.

Hm. Over the past year you (appear to) have posted(*) 85 top-level SoPWs and no meditations:

Found 5 nodes roughly between 2013-01-01 and 1999-10-04 (searched 90.7 +2% of DB). written by any of choroba 2012-08-06 choroba Substring giving strange results on $1 with u +tf8 SoPW 2012-04-22 choroba Failing test in the Dancer application SoP +W 2012-02-11 choroba Failing Tests in MozRepl SoPW 2011-04-21 choroba Relative URI SoPW 2010-10-28 choroba Tk: Cannot install from CPAN sometimes. So +PW Finished searching database. Link to preload this search: [href://?node_id=3989;a=choroba;yr=2013;m +o=01;dy=01;re=N;Wi;Tu]

of those, only the first stands out as being a possible candidate for your description above; and even that wasn't really so bad. Clumbsy maybe; but far from understandable and showing no signs of any particular fragility.

Ignore this. The post I was referring to (as returned by my first search), isn't returned by the second attempt, after the preloaded link failed. Super search is inconsistent and illogical.

However, most of the code is, unfortunately, agonisingly boring.

Boring's fine, and irrelevant to my inquiry. I'm interested in seeing samples of code that draw such vehement condemnation.

* I would have posted the preload link, but it didn't work; and the first time I did the search it returned 8 results; but when the link didn't work and I had to reconstruct the search, it only turned up 5. There's nothing like consistency; and that's ... :)

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