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The MCE Sandbox project places the C and header files inside the src folder. There is just the one *.c file, everything else placed in *.h files.

.Inline/ Where Inline::C is configured to cache C object file +s. bin/ Practical sieve based on Algorithm3 from Xuedong Luo + [1]. src/ algorithm3.c Inline::C code for bits.h Utility functions for byte array. output.h Fast printing of primes to a file descriptor. sandbox.h Header file, includes bits.h, output.h, sprintull.h. sprintull.h Fast base10 to string conversion. typemap Type-map file for Inline::C.

I pass -I${base_dir}/src for Inline C, inside

BEGIN { $ENV{PERL_INLINE_DIRECTORY} = "${base_dir}/.Inline"; mkdir "${base_dir}/.Inline" unless -d "${base_dir}/.Inline"; } use Inline 'C' => Config => CCFLAGSEX => "-I${base_dir}/src -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer", TYPEMAPS => "${base_dir}/src/typemap", clean_after_build => 0; use Inline 'C' => "${base_dir}/src/algorithm3.c";

Later editing a header file requires removing the cache .Inline folder. Inline C does not know to re-compile due to not checking the *.h time stamps.

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