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Hi stevieb, test code is below. The dist in question is CMS::Drupal::Modules::MembershipEntity. As I mentioned I find it very odd since t/40_fetch_memberships.t failed whereas t/10_obj_and_params.t, t/20_valid_drupal.t, t/50_term_object_params.t and t/60_membership_object_params.t all passed. Also the error only occurred on Strawberry 5.14.3.

It really looks like the interpreter had a hiccup!

Error message:

Bareword "xception" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at C:/straw +berry5143/perl/vendor/lib/Test/ line 4. Compilation failed in require at t/40_fetch_memberships.t line 14. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at t/40_fetch_memberships.t line 14.

First 7 lines of Test/

1: use strict; 2: use warnings; 3: 4: package Test::Exception; # <-- line cited in error message 5: use Test::Builder; 6: use Sub::Uplevel qw( uplevel ); 7: use base qw( Exporter );

This is t/40_fetch_memberships.t:

#! perl use strict; use warnings; BEGIN { ## Make sure we don't connect to our real DB if we ## have given the credentials for it $ENV{'DRUPAL_IGNORE_TEST_CREDS'} = 1; } use open ':std', ':encoding(utf8)'; use Test::More tests => 1; use Test::Group; use Test::Exception; # <-- line cited in error message use CMS::Drupal; use CMS::Drupal::Modules::MembershipEntity; use CMS::Drupal::Modules::MembershipEntity::Test; my $drupal = CMS::Drupal->new; my $dbh = build_test_db( $drupal ); my $ME = CMS::Drupal::Modules::MembershipEntity->new( dbh => $dbh +); subtest 'Feed various things to fetch_memberships()', sub { plan tests => 2; subtest 'Various arrays of valid mids', sub { plan tests => 10; for ( [], [3694], [3694, 2966], [3694, 2966, 42], [3302, 3358, 3414, 3470, 3530, 3582, 3638, 3694, 3750, 3948, + 3974, 4006, 4030, 4086], ) { my @array = @{ $_ }; my $hashref; lives_ok { $hashref = $ME->fetch_memberships( @array ) } 'Called fetch_memberships().'; my $cmp_data = build_test_data( @array ); test 'Data comparison with '. @array .' mids', sub { is( (scalar keys %{ $hashref }), (scalar keys %{ $cmp_data }), 'One item returned for each mid passed in' ); is_deeply($hashref, $cmp_data, 'Data matches' ); }; } }; subtest 'Various arrays with invalid mids', sub { plan tests => 4; for ( [3694, 'foo'], [3694, $ME], [3694, chr(0x263a)], [3694, sub { print "Hello, world\n" }], ) { my @array = @{ $_ }; dies_ok { my $hashref = $ME->fetch_memberships( @array ) } $arra +y[1]; } }; }; __END__
The way forward always starts with a minimal test.

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