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Thanks for the responses.

In a CGI script, you usually don't need to care about ending the headers. Just use the $cgi->header(...) method correctly.

In my case, I can't do that. I'm trying to read some simple json data in the body of a post request, but $cgi->{POSTDATA} gives me inconsistent results depending on my server. With an apache server, POSTDATA successfully contains the json. However, I tried my perl script on another server, and POSTDATA returns undef. To solve that issue, I'm reading from STDIN directly. I looked at the source code for, and I don't understand why fails to read the json while executing on my non-apache server, because I can get the json when I read from STDIN directly doing this:

(The cgi spec requires that a script not try to read more than Content-Length from STDIN.)

#!/usr/bin/env perl use strict; use warnings; use 5.020; use autodie; use Data::Dumper; use JSON; if (my $content_len = $ENV{CONTENT_LENGTH}) { read(STDIN, my $json, $content_len); #<===HERE ************ my $href = decode_json($json); my $a = $href->{a}; my $b = $href->{b}; print 'Content-type: text/html'; print "\r\n\r\n"; print "<div>a=$a</div>"; print "<div>b=$b</div>"; } else { my $error = "Could not read json: No Content-Length header in requ +est."; print 'Content-type: text/html'; print "\r\n\r\n"; print "<div>$error</div>"; }
And, once I read from STDIN directly, then none of perl's CGI functionality works.

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