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I have a large file around 1.4 G. I am having trouble parsing it line by line and storing it in a single data structure (such as hash of arrays). My file is like this :

bos-mp96h:~ jvx$ head asgn.txt ra_uuid: a37bbde8-36ba-11e8-a697-00e081ea0e98 cms_uuid: 2d937c7e-36ba-11e8-91f1-00e081ea0e8e mpd_uuid: 6edd7a68-36b0-11e8-a120-00e081ea0e5c amLeader: 1 numAssignments = 20956857 mpg=1 mrule=140 reg=7989 score=10625 rank=0 perc=100 mp_demand=40 mpg=2 mrule=140 reg=7989 score=10625 rank=0 perc=100 mp_demand=40 mpg=3 mrule=150 reg=7989 score=0 rank=0 perc=100 mp_demand=20 mpg=4 mrule=150 reg=7989 score=10625 rank=0 perc=100 mp_demand=40
So what I am rather doing is that making different file for each index and then process that. What I want is a different file for every other "mrule". So for the above snippet, I will have two files, each for mrule 140 and mrule 150. My code for it is as follows :

#! /usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper ; my $source = shift ; my $lines_per_file = shift ; open (my $FH, "<$source") or die "Could not open source file. $!"; open (my $OUT, '>', '00000000.log') or die "Could not open destinatio +n file. $!"; my $i = 0; my $index_last = 0 ; my $index_current = 0; while(my $line = <$FH>) { next unless ($line =~ /mrule/) ; if ($line =~ /mrule=([0-9]+)/){ print $OUT $line; $i++ ; if ($1 != $index_last){ $index_current = $1 ; close($OUT); my $NEW = sprintf("%08d", $index_current); open($OUT, ">${NEW}.log") or die "Could not open desti +nation file. $! " ; } $index_last = $index_current ; } } close($FH); close($OUT);
But when I run this, I get this following error,
bos-mp96h:~ jvx$ ./ asgn.txt Can't use string ("00000140") as a symbol ref while "strict refs" in u +se at ./ line 26, <$FH> line 6.

In reply to Splitting a large file into smaller files according to indexes by cryptoperl

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