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Looking at merlyn's responses to my criticism, I have to say what you say makes sense to me... in fact it does seem to be part of your nature to want to save people for their own good even when they don't want it.... just look at the number of times you have spent your world-class skills begging people to not write another templating system here. Just look at the number of times that you have spent creating links to your well-written industrial-strength articles (that the asshole censor cum dictator am I paying vroom to continue his dictatorship? vroom has removed) so that people can do things in a way based on the work of a true genius, yourself.

Frustrating, isn't it?

It is scary how poorly run some of these major companies are. I can just see merlyn sweating bullets thinking about what might happen to the price of hardware if someone got in and destroyed some of their data.

As I have said before with complete sincerity, you are one of the greatest altruists in the Perl community and no doubt what you were doing there was some great work.

I will just take what happened to you as a lesson to me. From now on, whenever I see wrong, I will have to simply stay in-line. Everything is not meant to be done right or with justice. I used to worry about senseless violence.... "if there is a good God, why are innocent people killed everyday"... then I realized "why am I so worried about people killing people when tornadoes do it to humans all the time".

We humans live for cooperation and equality. I was floored when reading Ariel and Durant's "Lessons of History", which makes it plainly clear that nature unabashedly thrives on competition and discrimination. As sad as it may have been for Intel, and as painful as it must have been for you to scream at the top of your lungs at them, at some point for your own personal health and safety, you just have to play the pacifist role to some degree or another and dissociate yourself from your sense of duty.

In other words, I wrote a post here which was basically about why I left Oracle. You would think that a Perl-only group at the #2 software company in the world would have 5 or 6 Damian Conways 5 or 6 more Randal Schwartz and a couple of Larry Walls to round out the bunch. Not so, I was floored by how completely out of the know these people were. They were a bunch of non-thinking rule-obeying robots being overworked by a couple of demonic, controlling egomaniac manager types who probably never heard of the term "let's discuss the pros and cons of your solution versus mine." They would bring in people from overseas and in fact now have a new India Development division which will save money but will in fact ensure the continued trend of non-thinking subservience. They were using hand-coded poorly conceived versions of App::Config. They had their own crufty memory-eating, buggy HTML::Template. They had an impotent featureless Test that had serious useability problems. I was the most talented Perl developer I met in person in and out of my group, hands down, no contest. And without question, I think that is a shame. In fact, the reason that I posted The Top Perl Shops was so that in my next job I could be saying "yes, I am working under so-and-so and I am happy with his decision because he is 4 or 5 times better at me than Perl". I want to work for a merlyn or a japhy or even though we fight a lot, tilly is 100 times better at me both at Perl and Philosophy of Programming and I would work for him to and deal with his abusive personality because he is clearly well-versed. And I can here tilly's reply: "you have demonstrated that you are not worthy of working with me" and that is the difference between tilly and merlyn. merlyn believes that people can improve and become better with time, regardless of past infractions, while tilly is basically sentences you to a life of losership once you offend him.

Concluding, I find jynx's statement

The monastery is supposed to be a place for monks to come together and work in peace and harmony
to be very dangerous. You are basically saying let us come to this place and drop our ability to think critically and only accept what is around us. There is a saying "friends tell you what you want to know. enemies tell you what you need to know." In other words, in a real monestary Such as this one I just spent 31 days of intensive Buddhist medititation at, you come to work on your personal issues and get many lifetimes of self-destructive originally voluntary, now automatic habits corrected via intense personal work. It is only in a cult that people work in harmony because they are given a set of rules and they all mindlessly abide by them. Resolution conflict is an important skill and not showing a person their faults is bad for that person and unhealthy for a group as a whole. But it may take a couple of testicle fondlings in "peace and harmony" of a catholic brothel or a few large-scale larcenies in the "peace and harmony" of choose-your-cult-here before you get the idea that wrong is wrong and needs to be pointed out even if everyone there has glazed eyes and a glowing (but falsely gained) sense of happiness. But why am I saying this? Shouldn't I just see that jynx cannot listen to reason? Shouldn't I give up on him? he is narrow-minded. one-viewed. short-sighted. No amount of reason will change him. But then again, why should Ido to him what tilly does to me. I have to keep the merlyn spirit. Keep chugging away at the dense. Keep trying to save them

And now that merlyn answered by criticisms rationally, I think he does have a case and I feel sorry for him. But had I held my tongue and not lashed out at him, we would not have come to this understanding. Perhaps I might learn a better way to present my arguments or perhaps I might like to post as a cowardly Anonymous Monk, but the fight for truth must continue.

But the final issue we need to deal with is your presentation. You presented an outside link to a case that we are all vaguely familiar with instead of a detailed document which would answer questions such as the ones I posted. merlyn is a smart person who has done all his homework. he knows the Perl manpages and more. But in being so knowledgeable, you are in huge minority at this monestary. Only 1 percent of the people here can see things at your level of clarity. The other 99 percent will not understand you. Thus, when you get downvoted, it mainly means that a bunch of less-brilliant people cannot relate to a brilliant one... Einstein was another person who had a lot of problems integrating into society. so you have a choice, continue with "one sentence of mine, and 4 relevant URLS is worth your time to go figure things out" or you can be like Ovid and explain everything from the ground up. As long as you maintain the latter attitude, you will get downvoted by people who simply dont have the time or background to fathom that approach. And people who take the time to reformulate everything from the ground up (and Ovid seemsto be the best at this), will receive the accolades from the masses that they deserve.

all the best merlyn

In reply to merlyn is fighting a fight of justice. I stand apologetic, informed and corrected by princepawn

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