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Hi All,

This is a small portion of a script i'm working on. All it's supposed to do is insert several entries into a MySql database. I have the following array @icodes="CEN01-SJU1-022102A CEN02-MEX1-022702P CTE01-SJU1-022202A CTE02-MEX1-022802P"; When i run the small part of the script all it does is insert the first entry in the array. Everything in the insert statement should remain the same for each entry, except for the $t which is supposed to change for every entry in the array.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


my ($order_num) = sprintf "%lx",time; # Generates the order number # Adds ON (Order Number) infront of the generated number and makes eve +rything upper case $order_num = uc("ON$order_num"); my ($reg) = $dbh->prepare('INSERT INTO registrations (order_num, custo +mer_id, payment_type, icode) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)'); foreach my $t (@icodes) { $reg->execute($order_num, $customer_id, 'CREDIT', $t); }

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