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( #3333=superdoc: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
    0: #!/usr/bin/perl
    1: $dongle=chr(65);$dongle.=chr(81);$dongle.=chr(82);$dongle.=chr(84);
    2:              $dongle.=chr(66);$dongle.=chr(72);$dongle.=chr(80);
    3:  $dongle.=chr(90);$dongle.=chr(101);$dongle.=chr(37);$dongle.=chr(152);
    4:                               $dongle.=chr(129);
    5:  $dongle.=chr(76);$dongle.=chr(140);                  $dongle.=chr(145);      
    6:                      $dongle.=chr(74);$dongle.=chr(157);$dongle.=chr(143);
    7:         $dongle.=chr(168);$dongle.=chr(135);$dongle.=chr(79);$dongle.=chr(165);
    8:                                       $dongle.=chr(85);
    9:                          $dongle.=chr(159);        $dongle.=chr(148);
    10:                                       $dongle.=chr(78);
    11:                     $dongle.=chr(188);             $dongle.=chr(195);
    12:      $dongle.=chr(181);$glurp=substr($dongle,0,1);$kernada=substr($dongle,2,2);
    13:             $hurg=substr($dongle,6,1);$grag=substr($dongle,8,1);
    14: $rearg=substr($dongle,12,1);$bungus=substr($dongle,15,1);
    15:                                                $mcchungus=substr($dongle,20,1);
    16:  $blargus=substr($dongle,22,1);$gaffer=substr($dongle,-4,1);
    17:                           $goohnah=substr($dongle,5,1);
    18: $poobah=$glurp;$poobah.=$kernada;$poobah.=$hurg;$poobah.=$grag;$poobah.=$rearg;
    19:                         $poobah.=$bungus;$poobah.=$mcchungus;$poobah.=$blargus;
    20: $poobah.=$gaffer;$poobah.=$goohnah;$glurp=unpack("x2 A1",$poobah);
    21: $kernada=unpack("x10 A1",$poobah);$hurg=unpack("x4 A1",$poobah);          
    22:                $grag=unpack("x3 A1",$poobah);$rearg=unpack("x4 A1",$poobah);
    23:                                               $bungus=unpack("x1 A1",$poobah);
    24: $mcchungus=unpack("x5 A1",$poobah);$blargus=unpack("x6 A1",$poobah);
    27:                                       $gaffer=unpack("x7 A1",$poobah);
    28: $goohnah=unpack("x8 A1",$poobah);
    29:            $gringo=unpack("x1 A1",$poobah);$foo=unpack("x9 A1",$poobah);
    30: $bar=unpack("x0 A1",$poobah);
    31:   $baz=unpack("x5 A1",$poobah);$poobah=$glurp;$poobah.=$kernada;$poobah.=$hurg;
    32: $poobah.=" ";$poobah.=$grag;$poobah.=$rearg;$poobah.=$bungus;
    33:                                                      $poobah.=$mcchungus;
    34:                  $poobah.=" ";$poobah.=$blargus;
    35:                                        $poobah.=$gaffer;$poobah.=$goohnah;
    36:      $poobah.=$gringo;                        $poobah.=$foo;
    37:                                     $poobah.=$bar;
    38:   $poobah.=$baz;                                 $poobah=uc($poobah);
    39: print $poobah;$coorg=<stdin>;
    40: __END__

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