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you cannot directly untaint a hash value in perl 5.6.1.

i should have tested better before i posted. below is a sample script you can run to see for yourself. it creates a file in the current directory named 'file'. then it asks you to type in 'file' (minus the quotes.) this taints whatever variable is assigned the value entered. i test three methods of untainting: direct scalar, temp scalar and reassign, and direct hash value. the direct hash value method fails.

#!/usr/bin/perl -T use strict; use warnings; $ENV{PATH} = ''; { local *FH; open(FH, '>', 'file') or die "can't create 'file'"; } print "type 'file' to test: "; my $file_in = <>; my ($file, %regex, %params); $regex{A} = qr/^(\w+)$/; # untaint scalar ($file) - works fine $file = $file_in; # tainted ( $file ) = ( $file =~ /$regex{A}/ ); # UNTAINTED { local *FH; open( FH, '+>', $file ) or die "$file : untaint \$file"; close FH; } # untaint scalar ($temp) - works fine %params = (); $file = $file_in; # tainted $params{A} = $file; # tainted my $temp = $params{A}; # tainted ( $params{A} ) = ( $temp =~ /$regex{A}/ ); # UNTAINTED { local *FH; open( FH, '+>', $params{A} ) or die "$params{A} : untaint \$temp"; close FH; } # untaint scalar hash value ($params{A}) - fails! %params = (); $file = $file_in; # tainted $params{A} = $file; # tainted ( $params{A} ) = ( $params{A} =~ /$regex{A}/ ); # STILL TAINTED { local *FH; open( FH, '+>', $params{A} ) or die "$params{A} : untaint \$params +{A}"; close FH; }
the error i get on cygwin with perl561 is:

$ type 'file' to test: file Insecure dependency in open while running with -T switch at ./t-taint. +pl line 46, <> line 1.

i have modified my code to untaint a temp scalar and reassign to the hash like so:

# untaint parameters for( keys %params ) { ( display_message( $messages{error} ) && exit ) unless ref($valid_params{$_}) eq 'Regexp'; my $temp = $params{$_}; ### <--- added this variable if( $temp =~ /$valid_params{$_}/ ) ### <--- changed this line { $params{$_} = $1; } else { display_message( $messages{error} ) && exit; } }
and all is well with the world.

~Particle ;

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