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Recently Abigail-II posted his adaption of the Quote class that jreades used as the basis of his Tutorial: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming. In an attempt to understand Abigail-II's methodology and fruiture's concerns with it, I put together the following version, of the base class and a simple subclass of it. I also incorporated some ideas of my own.

Unfortunately I've come unstuck with inheritance aspect. The class and subclass work for a single instance, but I'm having problems once I try to create multiple instance. This is that second and subsequent instanciations are overwriting the data ove the first instance, so that after creating 10 instances, despite them all having different object handles, they all return the data of the last instance created?

I think the problem is to do with the re-blessing of the superclass instance handle in the subclass, but I am not wise enough in the ways of Perl OO mechanisms to understand what I am doing wrong?

Sorry for the size/seperate parts but I've kept it as simple as I can and show the problem. Any pointers much appreciated.

The base class

package Quote; use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; use Carp qw/clue cluck/; my (%phrase, %author, %approved); sub new { my ($class, $args) = @_; my $self; $self = bless \$self, ref $class || $class; if (ref $args eq "HASH") { $self->phrase() = $args->{phrase} if exists $args->{p +hrase}; $self->author() = $args->{author} if exists $args->{a +uthor}; $self->is_approved() = $args->{approved} if exists $args->{a +pproved}; } clue "$self"; $self; } sub phrase : lvalue { $phrase{shift}; } sub author : lvalue { $author{shift}; } sub is_approved : lvalue { $approved{shift}; } sub DESTROY { my $self = shift; delete $phrase{$self}; delete $author{$self}; delete $approved{$self}; } 1;

The subclass

package QuotePlus; use Quote; @ISA = qw/Quote/; use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; use Carp qw/clue/; my(%date); sub new { my ($class, $args) = @_; my $self = new Quote( $args ); $self = bless \$self, ref $class || $class; clue "$self"; if (ref $args eq "HASH") { $self->date() = $args->{date} if exists $args->{date}; clue $self->date(); } return $self; } sub date : lvalue { $date{shift}; } sub DESTROY { clue "@_"; my $self = shift; delete $date{$self}; #$self->SUPER::DESTROY(); } 1;

A test program

#! perl -slw use strict; use Data::Dumper; use Carp qw/clue/; use QuotePlus; $::debug = 0; my $quote = new QuotePlus ({ phrase=>"It's a good day to die!", author=>"Kahless", approved=>1, date=>"25530", }); printf "%8s said: '%s'; circa. %.f\n", $quote->author(), $quote->phrase(), $quote->date(); $quote->date() = 2500; $quote->author() = "Kahless is reputed to have"; printf "%8s said: '%s'; circa. %.f\n", $quote->author(), $quote->phrase(), $quote->date(); my @quotes; while (<DATA>) { chomp; my ($when, $who, $what) = split/\t/; clue "$when, $who, $what"; push @quotes, new QuotePlus ({ phrase=>$what, author=>$who, approved=>1, date=>$when, }); clue $quotes[-1]; } close DATA; my $i=0; for my $quote (@quotes) { clue $quote; next unless $quote->is_approved; printf "Quote %2d - %8s said: '%s'; circa. %.f\n", $i++, $quote->author(), $quote->phrase(), $quote->date(); } printf "%8s said: '%s'; circa. %.f\n", $quote->author(), $quote->phrase(), $quote->date(); __DATA__ 26584.2 Kahless It's a good day to die! 26593.7 Kahless May your blood scream. 26601.1 Kahless May your enemies run with fear. 26603.2 Kahless Celebrate!? Tomorrow we may die! 26611.4 Kahless May you die before you are captured. 26653.9 Kahless May you always find a Bloodworm in your glass. 26658.3 Kahless May your co-ordinants be free of Tribbles. 26671.2 Kahless May you die in battle. 26671.3 Kahless May you die well. 26777.7 Kahless May you endure the pain. 26821.2 Kahless Klingons forever! 26822.1 Kahless We are KLINGONS! 26888.2 Kahless Qapla`!

The output

C:\test>quote Kahless said: 'It's a good day to die!'; circa. 25530 Kahless is reputed to have said: 'It's a good day to die!'; circa. 250 +0 Quote 0 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Quote 1 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Quote 2 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Quote 3 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Quote 4 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Quote 5 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Quote 6 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Quote 7 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Quote 8 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Quote 9 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Quote 10 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Quote 11 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Quote 12 - Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 Kahless said: 'Qapla`!'; circa. 26888 C:\test>

Thanks. BrowserUk.

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