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Just storing your number in binary rather than ascii with delimiters would cut your memory requirements to about 1/3 on average. Assuming that your example is representative and your numbers will fit in 16-bits. You mentioned the figures of 50,000 sets and assuming 4 per set as shown.

Instead of approx 1 MB, your down to 390k, ignoring the cost of the arrays which should be constant That's a start.

Projecting the timing of the code below gives around 3 seconds to pack the 50k x 4 x 16 bits and 0.002 secs to unpack 100 lines, which comfortably fits your spec, and my machine is hardly the quickest around.

#! perl -slw use strict; use Benchmark::Timer; my $t= Benchmark::Timer->new(); my (@ary1, @ary2); #! 1000 lines of 4 random numbers (0-65536) in ascii with commas. @ary1 = map{ join ',', map{ int rand(2**16) } 1..4 } 1 .. 1000; print $ary1[0]; $t->start('packing'); #! The same numbers stored as binary strings @ary2 = map{ pack 'S4', split',', $_ } @ary1; $t->stop('packing'); print length $ary2[0]; print '1000 in ascii: ', scalar @ary1, ' : ', length "@ary1"; print '1000 in binary: ', scalar @ary2, ' : ', length "@ary2"; $t->start('unpacking'); for (@ary2) { my @line_of_nums = unpack 'S4', $_; # print "@line_of_nums"; } $t->stop('unpacking'); $t->report(); __END__ C:\test>229792 52318,4206,9238,48758 8 1000 in ascii: 1000 : 22310 1000 in binary: 1000 : 8000 1 trial of packing (50ms total) 1 trial of unpacking (20ms total)

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