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Here, including my own stuff are my top 20 according to useage---

  • 0010, Carp::Assert
  • 0011, XML::Twig
  • 0012, Chess::PGN::Moves
  • 0013, Carp
  • 0013, Wild
  • 0016, Chess::PGN::Filter
  • 0016, Getopt::Std
  • 0017, Parse::RecDescent
  • 0018, File::Basename
  • 0021, DB_File
  • 0021, Pod::Usage
  • 0022, Text::Wrap
  • 0023, Getopt::Long
  • 0027, Text::DelimMatch
  • 0032, Text::CSV
  • 0039, Chess::PGN::Parse
  • 0045, Test
  • 0046, ExtUtils::MakeMaker
  • 0048, Data::Dumper
  • 0062, Chess::PGN::EPD
  • 0068, constant
  • 0223, diagnostics
  • 0223, warnings
  • 0239, strict

How do I know this? Fairly easy, go to the root of your Perl development tree on the box of your choice and append the results of 'grep -rd "^use " *.pl' to this:

#!/perl/bin/perl # # -- statistics for 'use' module name. use strict; use warnings; use diagnostics; my %module; my @list; while (<DATA>) { if (/^use\s(.*?);/) { my $what = $1; if ($what =~ /^lib/) { $module{'lib'}++; } elsif ($what =~ /^constant/) { $module{'constant'}++; } else { $module{$what}++; } } } for (keys %module) { push(@list,sprintf("%04d|%s",$module{$_},$_)); } for (sort @list) { my($howmany,$what) = split /\|/; print "$howmany, $what\n"; } __DATA__

And then run the script...


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