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eval 'exec perl -x $0 ${1+"$@"}' # -*-perl-*- if 0; #!perl -w # # "Pager" for PerlMonks # Gets personal messages and displays or mails them. # # Diego Zamboni, September 10, 2000 # # $Id:,v 2000/09/10 17:44:20 zamboni Exp $ # use strict; use PerlMonks::Chat; use Text::Wrap qw(wrap); use Getopt::Long; use Mail::Mailer; use SDBM_File; use Fcntl; sub usage { return <<EOM; Usage: $0 [options] --login user -l user User to login as. Only needed once, it gets stored in a cookie --password pwd -p pwd Password to use (otherwise ask) --mailto addr -m addr Mail results (print to stdout by defaul +t) --checkoff -c Check off new messages automatically --ignorecache -i Print all messages, even if they have been seen before. By default it only sh +ows new messages --help -h This message EOM } my $p=PerlMonks::Chat->new(); $p->add_cookies(); # Config options my $user; my $mailto; my $passwd; my $checkoff; my $nocache; my $help; # Get command-line args GetOptions('login|l=s' => \$user, 'mailto|m=s' => \$mailto, 'password|p=s' => \$passwd, 'checkoff|c' => \$checkoff, 'ignorecache|i' => \$nocache, 'help|h' => \$help, ) or die usage(); warn(usage()), exit if $help; if ($user) { unless ($passwd) { $|=1; print "Password? "; $passwd=<STDIN>; } # Login $p->login($user, $passwd) or die "Login failure: $@\n"; } # Open the cache. my %cache; tie(%cache, 'SDBM_File', "$ENV{HOME}/.pmpager", O_RDWR|O_CREAT,0640); my $body=""; my @ids=(); # Get personal messages my %msgs=$p->personal_messages; foreach my $k (keys %msgs) { next if (!$nocache && exists($cache{$k})); $cache{$k}=1 unless $nocache; push @ids, $k; $body.=wrap("", "\t", $msgs{$k})."\n"; } untie %cache; # Print or send the messages if ($mailto) { if ($body) { my $mailer=Mail::Mailer->new(); $mailer->open({From => $mailto, To => $mailto, Subject => "Your new PerlMonks personal messages" }) or do { # This is so that if you execute this through crontab and # it fails, maybe you'll get your messages anyway. warn "Can't open Mail::Mailer object.\n"; warn "Your new personal messages are:\n$body"; die "Terminating.\n"; }; print $mailer $body; if ($checkoff) { print $mailer "\nThese messages have been checked off.\n"; } $mailer->close(); } } else { if ($body) { print "Your new PerlMonks personal messages:\n$body"; if ($checkoff) { print "\nThese messages have been checked off.\n"; } } else { print "No new personal messages.\n"; } } # Check off the messages if necessary. We do this last so that # if anything fails, the messages are not checked off. $p->checkoff(@ids) if @ids && $checkoff;

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