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I have 2 simple scripts to send short files from a win2k box to HP unix box ( for learning purposes only). They work fine, but I am looking for ideas on why the client (win2k) needs a sleep statement after each line write. If I leave it out, I get a "Connection reset by peer" on the receiving end(unix) Thanks and the relative code is below:
# Server (Receiver on Unix end) if ($pid = fork) { # parent close(C); waitpid( -1, &WNOHANG ); next; # ready for another client } else { # child die "can't fork: $!" unless defined $pid; close(S); print C "Connected to $ip:$port "; # get file name sysread(C, $fname, 128) or die "couldn't read: $!\n& +quot;; $fname =~ s/\n//; print "recieving file: $fname\n"; while ( sysread(C, $buf, 128) ) { $msg .= $buf; } open (F, ">$fname") or die "couldn't ope +n it: $!"; # open a new file with the file name and write to it print F $msg; close F; print "Recieved file\n"; exit; } ------ # client (win2k sender) socket(SOCK,AF_INET,SOCK_STREAM,$proto) || die "$0:Cannot open so +cket\n"; connect(SOCK, $remote) or die "can't connect: $!\n"; # send filename to server print "sending file $fname\n"; $bytes = syswrite(SOCK, $fname, length($fname)); sleep 1; open(F, "<$fname") or die "coundn't open: $!"; @buf = <F>; foreach $line (@buf) { # why do we need to sleep ? syswrite(SOCK, $line, length($line)) or die "can't write: $ +!"; sleep 1; } close F;
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