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The point here is that Perl is no more and no less suited to enterprise-class work than any other language. The skills needed to build an enterprise-class application are not language specific. Please stop promulgating that mismeme.

Sorry, but Perl has some significant issues for developing enterprise-class applications that other languages don't always have. For example, I was working on our code and noticed a test failure that I traced down to this line:

    open FOO, $bar;

When I saw that, a quick grep through our source code revealed this problem in a number of places, and not just with open.

Or how about this:


Too bad that overrode a private method in a subclass.

Or how about this:


Whoops! That was unfortunate.

Or how about this:

sub foo($$); # we'll just inherit foo() instead # sub foo { # my ($self, $arg) = @_; # ... #}

How many people will spot that bug?

Or how about this:

@ISA = $foo ? 'bar' : 'baz';

That's really fun to debug in a persistent environment.

And how about the fact that I signature-based method dispatch is not supported in Perl, so I have an entire class of bugs that simply doesn't exist in most other languages?

If any of those above examples seems contrived, I assure you that I've been bitten by every single one of them. Further, they lead to very subtle, frequenly intermittent bugs that are difficult to track down. In large systems, this compounds the problem. Most of the above issues are non-existent or a snap deal with in Ruby or Smalltalk.


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