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I don't know if all of you whould consider this to be as cool and most importantly as ethical as I do, but I'll tell you in advance that I have the approval of the sysadmins of the cluster of machines I'm currently running this on...

read directly the code to find what it does:

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use POSIX; use Sys::Hostname; use Fcntl; sub puzzone; sub wannabegood (); sub wannaharass (); sub intheshadow (); sub harass (); sub killnwait; sub emergencyexit (); sub moreinfo (); my @puzzoni=qw/***/; # There may be others... my $home=$ENV{HOME}; my $lockdir="$home/.lock"; mkdir $lockdir or die "$0: Can't create directory `$lockdir': $!\n" unless -d $lockdir; (my $name=$0) =~ s|.*/||; my $host=hostname; my $lockfile="$lockdir/$name-$host"; sysopen my $lock, $lockfile, O_CREAT | O_EXCL | O_WRONLY or die "$0: already running on $host\n"; my $havelock=1; END { unlink $lockfile if $havelock } $SIG{$_}=sub { unlink $lockfile if $havelock; exit } for qw/INT TERM/; defined(my $pid=fork) or die "$0: Can't go in background: $!\n"; if ($pid) { warn "$0: Going in background with pid $pid\n"; $havelock=0; exit; } $|++; setsid; close STDIN; close STDOUT; close STDERR and open STDERR, '>', $_ or die "$0: Can't redirect STDERR to `$_': $!\n" for "$home/.$name-log"; intheshadow; sub puzzone { my $u=shift || $_; $u eq $_ and return 1 for @puzzoni; 0; } sub wannabegood () { open my $fh, '-|', 'w -h' or die "Couldn't start `w -h': $!\n"; my @lines=<$fh>; return 1 unless @lines; grep !puzzone, map +(split)[0], @lines; } sub wannaharass () { !wannabegood } sub killnwait { kill 15, @_; waitpid $_, 0 for @_; } sub emergencyexit () { die "Emergency exit!\n" if -e "$home/STOP"; } sub intheshadow () { while (1) { emergencyexit; sleep 10; # do almost nothing goto &harass if wannaharass; } } { my $forked=0; sub moreinfo () { "[$name/$forked\@$host - ${\(scalar localtime)}] "; } sub harass () { # Let the fun begin!! ;-) $forked=0; my @family; local $SIG{TERM}=sub { killnwait @family; $havelock=0; die moreinfo, "Stopping!\n"; }; for (1..7) { defined (my $pid=fork) or warn moreinfo, "Couldn't fork: $!\n"; $forked *= 2; if ($pid) { push @family, $pid; } else { @family=(); $forked++; } } while (1) { emergencyexit; warn moreinfo, "Starting activity\n"; if ($forked) { # Put the CPU under pressure! rand for 1..rand 100_000; } else { sleep 5; next unless wannabegood; killnwait @family; goto &intheshadow; } } } } __END__

Note: the name is hidden to protect the foolish!

UPDATE: Due to the reactions to this post, here it is: yes, this program is an harassing project aimed at putting a machine under heavy load when a (or a few) certain user(s) is(are) logged and no other one is. The user under consideration is by vast consensus considered an arrogant, unbearable idiot.

In reply to A (highly) "ethical" use for for Perl by blazar

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