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I know itz simple but no idea abt perl.
IMHO, but others' mileage indeed may vary, this is SOPW, but not exactly a do-it-for-me helpdesk. So you'd better do a minimum effort to have some idea "abt perl" - all this is basic stuff.

It would also be very kind of you to speak proper english rather than dude jargon.

#!/usr/bin/perl #use warnings;
Do a favour to yourself and uncomment that line. Do another favour to yourself and
use strict;
as well.
open (GRAPH, "2211.txt") || die "Can't open 2211.txt: $!\n";4
So far so fine, only I'd write
open my $graph, '<', '2211.txt' or die "Can't open `2211.txt': $!\n";
instead (slightly more modern syntax).
while (<GRAPH>) { $a1 = push(@a1, $1); $a2 = push(@a2, $2); print @a1, @a2; }
Huh?!? No regex here, hence pointless use of $1, $2. What are $a1 and $a2 supposed to be?!? In any case you most probably either want
while (<GRAPH>) { /$some $regex ($with) ($parens)/; $a1 = $1; $a2 = $2; print $a1, $a2; }
my (@a1, @a2); while (<GRAPH>) { /$some $regex ($with) ($parens)/; push @a1, $1; push @a2, $2; } print @a1, @a2;
It all really depends on
  • what "two columns in the txt" actually mean (whitepace separated strings?),
  • what you actually want to print.

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