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I don't know about windows, but this may help you with your V4l on linux. Notice, if your webcam has a tuner, you have to watch which channel you use. Your composite will be on channel(1) if your card has a tv tuner, otherwise channel(0). Also notice the need to convert from BGR to RGB.
#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use Video::Capture::V4l; use Imager; use Tk; use Tk::JPEG; use MIME::Base64; my $timestamp; my $temp = ''; sub grab_one { $temp = ''; $timestamp = scalar(localtime); $timestamp =~ tr/ /_/; $| = 1; my $grab = new Video::Capture::V4l or die "Unable to open Videodevice: $!"; # the following initializes the camera for NTSC my $channel = $grab->channel(1); #1 is composite 0 is for tuner my $tuner = $grab->tuner(0); $tuner->mode(1); $channel->norm(1); $tuner->set; $channel->set; my $frame = 0; my $fr = $grab->capture( $frame, 320, 240 ); my $count = 0; for ( 0 .. 1 ) { my $nfr = $grab->capture( 1 - $frame, 320, 240 ); $grab->sync($frame) or die "unable to sync"; unless ( $count == 0 ) { # save $fr now, as it contains the raw BGR data $temp = ''; open( JP, '>', \$temp ) or die $!; print JP "P6\n320 240\n255\n"; #header $nfr = reverse $nfr; print JP $nfr; close JP; my $img = Imager->new(); $img->read( data => $temp, type => 'pnm' ) or warn $img->errstr(); $img->flip( dir => "hv" ); $img->write( data => \$temp, type => 'jpeg' ) or warn $img->errstr; } $count++; $frame = 1 - $frame; $fr = $nfr; } } grab_one(); my $mw = MainWindow->new(); my $image = $mw->Photo( -data => encode_base64($temp) ); $mw->Label( -image => $image )->pack( -expand => 1, -fill => 'both' ); my $label = $mw->Label( -text => $timestamp )->pack( -side => 'top', -padx => 3 +); my $center = $mw->Frame->pack( -anchor => 'center' ); $center->Button( -text => 'Quit', -command => [ destroy => $mw ] ) ->pack( -side => 'left', -padx => 3 ); $center->Button( -text => 'Update', -command => \&update ) ->pack( -side => 'left', -padx => 3 ); $center->Button( -text => 'Save', -command => \&save_it ) ->pack( -side => 'left', -padx => 3 ); MainLoop; sub save_it { open( JP, "> $timestamp.jpg" ) or die $!; print JP $temp; close JP; $label->configure( -text => "$timestamp.jpg SAVED" ); $label->update; } sub update { grab_one(); $label->configure( -text => "$timestamp" ); $label->update; $image->configure( -data => encode_base64($temp) ); $image->update; $mw->update; }

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