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This was my other "too long for OPC5" obfuscation (the other was The Best Ever). It is a boustrophedon.

END{$00=~s/(.*)(\n)/(++$*%(@ARGV?1:2)?reverse$1:$1).$2/ge;eval$00}$00= +<<'OPC 5' "-|=I+X#.";($W,$H,$w,$h,$z,$n,$i)=(79,23,2,2,1,25,1);'esrever lave;". +#X+I=|-" ';while(@ARGV){${pop@ARGV}=pop}do{while(/([a-z])\s*([-\d.]*)/cgi){${$1 +}=$2if$1} ;#%)":^//@]n\n$<:%z$<*%a$<^%A$<_}y$<=%x$<!%h$<|%w$<[%j$<(%H$<;%W$<'#qq +=_$;_$=e$ @c=split//,$00;for(1..$i){$w*=$z;$h*=$z;$A+=$a;for(0..$H*$W-1){($U,$R, +@0)=(f($_ %$W,int$_/$W),$n);($p,$q)=($j?($x,$y):(#(:)y$,x$(?j$(=)q$,p$(;)n$,)W$/ +_$tni,W$% $U,$R));do{($U,$R)=($U*$U-$R*$R+$p,$U*2*$R+$q)}until(($U*$U+$R*$R>4)|| +--$0[0]== 0);print$c[int($0[0]*9/$n)],++$_%$W?$# : #$?W$%_$++,])n$/9*]0[0$(tni[c +$tnirp;)0 "\n"}};sub f{($w/$W*($_[0]-($W-1)/2)*cos($A)+$h/$H*(($H-1)/2-$_[1])*si +n($A)+$x, ($_[0]-($W-1)/2)*-$w/$W*sin($A)+$h/$H*(#(*H$/h$+)A$(nis*W$/w$-*)2/)1-W +$(-]0[_$( ($H-1)/2-$_[1])*cos($A)+$y)};exit if$e=~/q/;BEGIN{push@ARGV,split' ',$ +ENV{TPJ}} }#)><(elihw}tnirp;"ujd:zhoCawHmn =WxAy"{("\)*|@]^[;/:%<'!_="y;/%Y$<Y%X +$<X%/}/s; OPC 5

The README file said:
0) I shouldn't tell anything: once you've run it, what it does is obvious.
1) One hint: it has two modes, depending on its command-line parameters...
3) Try these: x .404 y -.35703 w 5 h 5 i 108 z .9 A -.3 a .3 n 100 and save the result in a file
4) Then play it with PgUp/PgDn in an advanced enough text editor.
5) It doesn't fit in any of this year's categories. :-(

In reply to Not a palindrom: a boustrophedon by BooK

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