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( #3333=superdoc: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

This module retrieves "Similar Artists" information from and caches it for a specified amount of time, to speed up things and prevent hammering the source server.

I'd like to know if the code could be optimized (of course, we're using Perl, damnit!) and whether the chosen namespace would be ok for this module.

package Audio::Scrobbler::SimilarArtists; use strict; use Cache::File; use Carp; use File::Path qw/mkpath/; use LWP::Simple; use URI::Escape; use XML::Simple; our $VERSION = '0.01'; sub new { my ($class, %parameters) = @_; my $self = bless ({}, ref ($class) || $class); my %options = ( min_match => 75, cache_time => '1 week', cache_dir => '/tmp/audioscrobbler.cache', %parameters, ); $self->{'_options'} = \%options; # Check if the cache_dir exists if(!-d $self->{'_options'}->{'cache_dir'}) { eval { mkpath($self->{'_options'}->{'cache_dir'}) }; if($@) { Carp::croak("Couldn't create $self->{'_options'}->{'cache_dir +'}:$@"); } } return $self; } sub lookup { my ($self, $name) = @_; unless($name) { Carp::croak('No name supplied!'); return; } my $cache = new Cache::File ( cache_root => $self->{'_options'}->{'cache_dir'}, ); my $filename = $name; $filename =~ s/\W//g; my @info; @info = @{$cache->thaw($filename)} if(ref $cache->thaw($filename) eq 'ARRAY'); unless(@info) { my $data = get(sprintf("%s/%s/%s", '', uri_escape($name), 'similar.xml') ); if($data) { my $xs = new XML::Simple(); my $x = $xs->XMLin($data); if(ref $x->{'artist'} eq 'ARRAY') { foreach my $item (@{$x->{'artist'}}) { next unless ref $item eq 'HASH'; push @info, $item if($item->{'match'} >= $self->{'_options'}->{'min_ma +tch'}); } $cache->freeze($filename, \@info, $self->{'_options'}->{'cache_time'}); } } else { Carp::carp("Couldn't fetch XML for $name"); return (); } } return @info; }

I've taken out the POD, for this post is long enough already ;-)

Update: but I do think the SYNOPSIS is the least I can show:

=head1 SYNOPSIS use strict; use Audio::Scrobbler::SimilarArtists; my $sa = Audio::Scrobbler::SimilarArtists->new( minmatch => 85, cache_time => '1 week', cache_dir => '/var/cache/audioscrobbler' ); my @artists = $sa->lookup('Hate Forest'); if(@artists) { print "<a href=\"$_->{'url'}\">$_->{'name'}</a> ". "(match: $_->{'match'})\n" foreach(@artists); }

Update2: maybe WebService::LastFM::SimilarArtists is a better name, since Audio:: might imply it actually does something with audio?


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