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Morphological (adj):

    Relating to or concerned with the formation of admissible words in a language.

Morph (noun,verb):

    Computer-assisted process in which an image (or video) is gradually transformed (morphosed) into another.

This program has been tested under both Linux and Windows with the following syntax, where "[...]" indicates an optional argument:

In Linux:  perl  [[entropy-radius]  delay-factor]

In Windows:  [[entropy-radius]  delay-factor]

Without options, default values are supplied (delay-factor = 0, entropy-radius=240).  A single option is taken to be a delay-factor in fractions of a second (eg. "0.05" for five hundredths of a second).  If two options are provided, the second is the delay-factor, and the first is an entropy-radius, which dictates how far from the center to position elements in the most random frame.  Try experimenting with different values for each to see what results are produced.

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Update:  Added parentheses to 79-(y///c), as per teamster_jr's helpful observation below.

Update 2:  Fixed a typo (thanks fenLisesi!)


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