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IMHO the main aim of modular programming is code reusage. It means that you put to the module any code that can be used more than once, and put to the script any code that cannot be re-used.

But TIMTOWTDI. Nobody can prevent you from writing a "Hello world" script in the way like this:

#in the file Acme/ package Acme::HelloWorld; use warnings; use strict; sub new {my $class = shift; bless {}, $class } sub helloworld { print "Hello world!\n" } 1; #in the file use Acme::HelloWorld; my $h = Acme::HelloWorld->new(); $h->helloworld();

And CGI::Application enforces you to do such things. There is nothing bad in such a way—the worst thing about it is that the executable file does not contain any information about what it really does :)

I don't know your certain case. IMHO if you can do different things (e.g. create different HTML pages for different projects) by modifying only 'config' lines in your script—it's good. Your script is simple enough and your module is complicated enough to fulfil your needs. If you can create only one certain page—there is nothing bad in it, as the page is finally created and from this point of view there is no difference how did you produce it.

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