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Not that I had a clue, but I just can't stand questions that don't somehow get answered. Your question has been sitting around some time now. There are reasons for such fate; reading How (Not) To Ask A Question could help. Why not also read How do I post a question effectively?

What are you trying to do? Maybe you you have an XY Problem. But maybe statements won't help.

I'm not a Windows guy, but I have a VMware Windows installation which I fire up now and then (perl installed, of course) to look at weird things...

Before I can even consider helping you, I must be answered on

  • What the heck is ESRI?
  • What do you mean with "dual interface"? as opposed to "single interface"?
  • What is the ScriptAdapter (for)? is it some dll collection?
  • Is that ESRI/ScriptAdapter stuff available without charge, and if so, where?

I can answer (some) perl questions, spending my free time, but not spending my (unfree) money. And I won't spend my time googleing just to fill an information gap you left open; a search for ESRI on CPAN doesn't return anything.


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