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That color-codes the center going out (and would go to the edge of the circle, if I had enough CSS classes).

You could use the code from A hierarchy of color (intensity)? to generate your CSS classes to form a Color ramp. Below I've used 256 which seems to strike the best balance between smoothness and rendering speed.

I also added cellspacing=0 to the table definition as it much improves the appearance.

sub colorRamp { my( $v, $vmin, $vmax ) = @_; my( $r, $g, $b ) = (1) x 3; $v = $vmax if $v > $vmax; $v = $vmin if $v < $vmin; ## Uncomment below to invert the color range $v = $vmax + $vmin - $v; my $dv = $vmax - $vmin; if( $v < ( $vmin + 0.25*$dv ) ) { $r = 0; $g = 4 * ($v - $vmin) / $dv; } elsif( $v < ( $vmin + 0.5 * $dv ) ) { $r = 0; $b = 1 + 4 * ($vmin + 0.25 * $dv - $v) / $dv; } elsif( $v < ( $vmin + 0.75 * $dv ) ) { $r = 4 * ($v - $vmin - 0.5 * $dv) / $dv; $b = 0; } else { $g = 1 + 4 * ($vmin + 0.75 * $dv - $v) / $dv; $b = 0; } return sprintf "#%02x%02x%02x", $r*255, $g*255, $b*255; } my $ColorRange = 255; my $styles = ''; $styles .= sprintf ".c%d { background:%s;}\n", $_, colorRamp( $_, 0, $ColorRange ) for 0 .. $ColorRange; my $output = qq~<html> <head> <title>A circle as a table</title> <style type="text/css"> body {background: #888;} $styles </style> </head> <body> <table cellspacing=0 > ~; foreach my $rowid (0 .. max(keys %circle)) { my $row = $circle{$rowid}; $output .= "<tr>"; foreach my $columnid (0 .. max(keys %{$row})) { my $column = $row->{$columnid}; my $class = ''; $column = $ColorRange if $column > $ColorRange; $class = qq~ class="c$column"~ if $column; $output .= qq~<td$class></td>~; } $output .= "</tr>\n"; }

Is your purpose to generate the structure and the table graphic is just a way of demonstrating it? Or is the display of the result the real objective?

If the latter, it would probably be much faster and use less bandwidth to render to a .png using GD(or similar) and then link the image.

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