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Update: DBD::SQLite 1.14 now uses sqlite3_prepare_v2 and this problem has gone away. MattSargeant++

I just dist-upgraded my system and have since encountered the SQLite "database schema has changed" error in an application that worked prior to the upgrade.

The "change" involved is running ANALYZE which invalidates prepared statement handles (see the SQLite FAQ). Unfortunately, I don't control what is prepared where as I use Class::DBI so I'm looking to either revert to a working set of modules or work around the problem at a lower level.

Does the code below reproduce the problem for other people?
Any tips on same versions or work-arounds?
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use DBI; unlink "a.db"; my $dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:SQLite:dbname=a.db") or die; print '$DBI::VERSION ',$DBI::VERSION, "\n"; print '$DBD::SQLite::VERSION ',$DBD::SQLite::VERSION, "\n"; $dbh->do("create table a as select 123 as b"); my $sth = $dbh->prepare('select "hello" from a'); $dbh->do("analyze"); print "got ", $dbh->selectrow_array($sth), "\n"; $sth->finish; #undef $sth; # to stop "closing dbh with active statement handles" # $dbh->disconnect; __END__ $ perl $DBI::VERSION 1.53 $DBD::SQLite::VERSION 1.13 DBD::SQLite::db selectrow_array failed: database schema has changed(1) + at dbdimp.c line 421 at line 16. got
Update: I'm starting to think that the changes during the upgrade causing this problem to manifest were at the Class::DBI/Ima::DBI level. On my laptop I get an error for the above but an older version is the application (using ANALYZE) is fine. I'll compare versions tomorrow.
$DBI::VERSION 1.51 $DBD::SQLite::VERSION 1.12 DBD::SQLite::db selectrow_array failed: database schema has changed(1) + at dbdimp.c line 416 at - line 16. got

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