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#!/usr/bin/perl use LWP; use HTTP::Cookies; use strict; #### # # - written by davidov0009 < +d=574522> # #### # check argument if ( !defined( $ARGV[0] && $ARGV[1] ) ) { die("\n Usage: perl email\ password \n Re +quires a Facebook login email and password as arguments \n"); } if ( $ARGV[0] !~ m/^[\_]*([a-z0-9]+(\.|\_*)?)+@([a-z][a-z0-9\-]+(\.|\- +*\.))+[a-z]{2,6}$/) { die("\n Please enter a valid email \n"); } # assing account values my $login = $ARGV[0]; my $password = $ARGV[1]; # UserAgent attributes my $user_agent = "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1 +.8.0.6) Gecko/20060728 Firefox/"; my @header = ( 'Referer' => '', 'User-Agent' => $user_agent); my $cookie_jar = HTTP::Cookies->new( file => 'cookie_file.dat', autosave => 1, ignore_discard => 1); my $browser = LWP::UserAgent->new; # set 302 redirection for POST push @{ $browser->requests_redirectable }, 'POST'; $browser->cookie_jar($cookie_jar); # get challenge code from index my $response = $browser->get('', @header); $cookie_jar->extract_cookies( $response ); # Strip challenge code from the returned HTML my @names = qw( challenge ); my %form = strip( $response->content, 'login', @names ); # post login info $response = $browser->post('', \%f +orm, @header); $cookie_jar->extract_cookies( $response ); # check response, print info if ($response->is_success) { print "Login $login: ok \n"; } # since we are logged in, display the account homepage @header = ( 'Host' => '', 'User-Agent' => $user_agent, 'Connection' => 'keep-alive'); $response = $browser->get('', @header) +; if ($response->is_success) { print "Fetch home.php: ok \n"; } $cookie_jar->extract_cookies( $response ); $cookie_jar->save; my $race_num = 0; # race 10 times while ($race_num < 10) { # go to petrolhead race page @header = ( 'Referer' => '', 'User-Agent' => $user_agent, 'Connection' => 'keep-alive'); $response = $browser->get(' +.php', @header); #get form inputs for POST (intial race page) @names = qw( fb_sig_time fb_sig_user fb_sig_profile_update_time fb_sig_session_key fb_sig_api_key fb_sig fid src ); %form = strip ( $response->content, 'race1', @names ); fakewait(); # POST variables to racing.php (1st time) @header = ( 'Referer' => ' +php', 'User-Agent' => $user_agent, 'Connection' => 'keep-alive'); $response = $browser->post( ' +g.php', \%form, @header); #get form inputs for POST (race validation page) @names = qw( fb_sig_time fb_sig_user fb_sig_profile_update_time fb_sig_session_key fb_sig_api_key fb_sig fid src ); %form = strip ( $response->content, 'race2', @names ); # POST variables to racing.php (2nd time) fakewait(); @header = ( 'Referer' => ' +hp', 'User-Agent' => $user_agent, 'Connection' => 'keep-alive'); $response = $browser->post(' +.php', \%form, @header); # increment the race number $race_num++; print "Race number: $race_num \n"; } #subroutines below #strips hidden form values from html source, adds other values, return +s a hash sub strip { my ($html, $token, @fields) = @_; my %post; foreach my $element (@fields) { if ($html =~ m/name="$element" value="(.*?)"/) { $post{$element} = $1; } else { die("\n Match not found in subroutine strip \n Might have +been an unsuccessful login (check email and password) \n"); } } if ( $token eq 'login' ) { $post{'md5pass'} = ''; $post{'noerror'} = '1'; $post{'email'} = $login; $post{'pass'} = $password; $post{'doquicklogin'} = 'Login'; } elsif ( $token eq 'race1' ) { $post{'fb_sig_added'} = 1; $post{'fb_sig_expires'} = 0; $post{'submit'} = 'Race!'; } elsif ( $token eq 'race2' ) { $post{'fb_sig_added'} = 1; $post{'fb_sig_expires'} = 0; $post{'confirm'} = 'Yes! Let&#039;s Go Racing!'; $post{'verified'} = 'YES'; } elsif ( $token eq '' ) { return %post } else { die("No token for adding other form variables specified: $! +") } return %post; } # waits a random amount before continuing (to avoid detection) sub fakewait { use constant { RANGE => 5, MIN => 2 }; sleep(int(rand(RANGE)) + MIN); } __END__ =head1 NAME - automatically races Facebook Petrolhead application =head1 SYNOPSIS From the command-line: $ perl password =head1 DESCRIPTION Warning: You may have your facebook account removed for using this pro +gram. Use at your own risk. This program was made to automate the Facebook ( +m) application Petrolhead. Given the login email of a Facebook account and its password as arguments on the command-line t +his program will login and race that particular account 10 times against the first race link found on the "Race My Friends" page. The typical setup is done with a fake account whose only petrolhead fr +iend is your main petrolhead account. This allows you to have your main petrolhead account raced without you reaching your r +ace limit. It also gives you a lot of points. This program can be made to work with an external program that supplies several acc +ounts to be raced. The program features random wait times before form submission to avoid + detection but if you use it with multiple accounts and within rapid succession you will increase your chances of being ca +ught. If you choose to build an external program to race multiple accounts you should randomize the order in which the accounts + are raced and add random wait times of several minutes or more between logins. =head2 Functions =over 12 =item C<strip> strip( $html_source, $form_phase, @field_names ) Returns hidden form fields in supplied html source as a hash. $html_source is typically $response->content. $form_phase adds form sp +ecific values. Valid form_phases are 'login', 'race1', 'race2' and '' (blank returns +original hash) =item C<fakewait> fakewait() Causes program to sleep for a random amount of time between 2 and 7 se +conds. =back =head1 AUTHOR davidov0009 - <> =cut

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