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if (!Array.prototype.push) { /* IE < 5.5 lacks Array.push() */ Array.prototype.push=function(arg) { /* this is only the minimum required for map, push should +accept more than one parameter */ this[this.length]=arg; return this.length; } } /*** Bootstrap Perl ;-) ***/ Array.prototype.foreach=function(callback) { /* * callback is called with a single argument, the current a +rray element * callback return value is ignored * returns nothing */ for (var i=0; i<this.length; i++) { callback(this[i]); } }; { /* * callback is called with a single argument, the current a +rray element * callback returns an array of zero or more values * returns a new array of all callback return values */ var rv=new Array(); this.foreach(function(x) { callback(x).foreach(function(y) { rv.push(y); }); }); return rv; }; /*** List::Utils ***/ Array.prototype.reduce=function(callback) { /* * callback is called with two arguments, its last return v +alue (initially the first array element) and the next array e +lement * callback returns a single value used for the next iterat +ion * callback is not called when array contains less than two + elements */ if (this.length==0) return null; var rv=this[0]; for (var i=1; i<this.length; i++) { rv=callback(rv,this[i]); } return rv; }; /*** The real code ***/ roman_to_dec=(function(){ var rtoa={ M:1000, D:500, C:100, L:50, X:10, V:5, I:1 }; return function(str) { return str.toUpperCase().split('').map(function(_){ return [ rtoa[_] ]; }).reduce(function(a,b) { return a+b-a%b*2; }); }; })(); function main() { var testdata=["XLII", "LXIX", "mi"]; alert({ return [ _ + ": " + roman_to_dec(_) + "\n" ]; }).join("") ); };

Some notes:

  • There are no lists in Javascript, you have to use Arrays.
  • The { ... }; notation adds new methods to ALL arrays, even after they were created. This is compareable to package Array; sub xxx { ... } -- except that Perl arrays aren't objects.
  • this is the current object. In the new Array methods, it is the array itself.
  • Javascript has anonymous functions, and you can / have to use them surprisingly often, because Javascript doesn't have code blocks.
  • You don't have anything like local in Javascript, so the implicit $_ used in Perl's map and foreach and $a and $b in reduce have to be passed explicitly to the callback.
  • The variable %rtoa is only available to roman_to_dec in the original perl code, and the same applies to my Javascript code. But because there are no code blocks, you need an anonymous function to create a private scope for rtoa. And that function needs to return the function that implements roman_to_dec, because otherwise there would be no way to access the roman_to_dec function. Finally, the anonymous function is called once with no arguments(), returning the implementation.


Today I will gladly share my knowledge and experience, for there are no sweeter words than "I told you so". ;-)

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