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YOU DPP... I remember you...

No, in both cases you were given constructive criticism which you took as condemnation.

That is complete and total bollocks, both 4 years ago when I first found this site, and recently when I found the courage to return here.

And frankly, you should be happy that anyone even looked at those posts as, for the most part they were rambling and incoherent, without any real code or even a simple description of what you were trying to accomplish.

I'm SOOOOOO sorry I didn't have a textbook perfect case already lined up to spoon feed you with, and the whole less than 80kb of code is too much for you to glance at and give useful information upon, because, be honest, that's all you actually do isn't it? The moment a problem requires more than a superficial look, the moment it strays outside of your comfort zone of previously established knowledge, you resort to twisting the truth as per your above comment rather than dealing with it... because your so big and important it's just not worth your time right?

In addition, as soon anyone as anyone criticized your posts, you launched into insults, profanity, ad hominum attacks and disjointed philippics.

That is another god-dammned barefaced LIE. Does the situation really look like that to you, or are you doing this on purpose? And what the hell does your ameture psychological shpeel have anything at all to do with perl?

In short, you brought all your problems on yourself. The Perlmonks are helpful to a fault; but not to whiny, self-absorbed, abusive fools.

I agree to a point that I brought my own problems on myself, yes I walked out of college and made various other mistakes as a youth and left myself somewhere unemployable between a website designer and a perl programmer... I get it, I need professional guidance on how to improve my software... why the hell do you think I am here at all? And as for your repeated ameture psychological assertion that I am a self-obsessed whiny fool, how about you take your opinion on my personal character and shove it up your arse unless or until you have any form of qualification to make such assertions, for instance getting a psychology degree, or I dunno... actually meeting me and thereby having some sort of basis in fact and reality before opening your gob.

At this point I can't decide whether you are a really good troll, or a really sad nut-job. Either way, you seem to just want attention, and like a dog or a toddler, bad attention is better than none at all. This is the last attention you will get from me and I urge the rest of the monastery to follow suit.

How about neither? How about a frustrated unemployed struggling young programmer, witnessing a whole bunch of high and mighty people such as your self laughing at my position and problems as I struggle on daily. And once again, please take your armchair psychology and shove it up your self-righteous know it all arse... your attention is neither requested, required or cared for as you have clearly demonstrated you have absolutely nothing to say of any worth other than to amuse yourself with your pet psychology hobby.

Finally, as you have been told over and over, if you really believe in your templating system then package it up and put it on CPAN.

That is exactly what I want to do, but the implementation is still far to ameture, I'm a brainless moron nooby and I know that. Notice I said implementation rather than the idea itself, the two are not the same thing as I have several different implementations all of which suffer from the exact same performance problem, the very same problem I have been trying to solve for the last 4 years. Aside from that there is nothing else I want to change about it, because believe you me, if the performance wasn't an issue, then I would have no questions to ask because everything else is a complete breeze.

If it is really good then people will use it.

I don't care how many people use it, if people want to use it they can and I don't want anything, but if no one wants to use it again it doesn't matter because I do want to use it and I need it to be fast because I have a very limited server budget.

The cream floats to the top.

Well since armchair psychology seems such a popular topic on this PERL website, let me give you my theory; your projecting your lust for success and brilliance onto me, as evidenced by the fact that you just mentioned cream floating to the "top". I have no such ambition, I couldn't care a less where on the dog pile my code is, as long as it works, which it does, and it's efficient which it isn't which is why I continue to subject myself to listening to your bullshit since when I am done reading your crap, sometimes, occasionally, there are other comments present which give actual useful information.

That is why Moose, Catalyst, Dancer and Template Toolkit (just to name a few) are widely used. They provide a solution to people's problems, so people use them.

Well whoop-dee-doo, it's that just fucking fantastic? I am aware of all those names and roughly what all of them do, but that still doesn't help me and if you stopped for a minute from your abusive tirade of semi-intellectual sounding psychological bullshit spheeling you would know why.

And as for ignoring me, PLEASE DO, infact DPP, don't ever talk to me again, I don't like you, I don't want to know you, and I couldn't give a damn what you have to say.

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