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An explanation of the code as requested:

## Map the numbers, 0 .. 36 to the symbols we use ## to represent the number in base37 my @c1 = (' ', '0'..'9', 'A'..'Z' ); sub fromB37 { my $n = shift; ## Get the number to convert ## Allocate space for the Base37 representation ## Initialise it to the representation of 0 (six spaces) my $s = ' '; ## For each position in the string for( 0 .. 5 ) { ## extract the next base37 digit value ## look up its representaion character ## and assign it to the 'right place' i the string. substr( $s, $_, 1 ) = $c1[ $n%37 ] ); ## dividing by 37 effectively right-shifts ## the last digit's value out of the number $n /= 37; } $s; } my @c2; ## Map the ordinal values of the symbols ## to their numeric values (0 .. 37) ## The sparse array is faster than a hash $c2[ ord( $c1[ $_ ] ) ] = $_ for 0 .. 36; sub toB37 { my $n = 0; ## initialise our return value to 0 ## split the base37 representation ## into a list of the ordinal values of the symbols ## and reverse their order to match that produced by fromB37() for( reverse unpack 'C*', $_[0] ) { ## multiple the running total by 37 ## (effectively left-shifting the accumulator ## to accommodate the next digit.) ## and add value of the next base37 digit ## by looking it up in the mapping array $n = $n * 37 + $c2[ $_ ]; } ## return the accumulated value. $n; }

As mbethke points out, these treat the base37 number in 'little-endian' fashion. This because you emphasised compression and speed, with no mention of needing to manipulate the compressed values numerically (sorting).

To get the sortable, big-endian representation, you could use:

my @c1 = (' ', '0'..'9', 'A'..'Z' ); sub fromB37 { my $n = shift; my $s = ' '; substr( $s, $_, 1, $c1[ $n%37 ] ), $n /= 37 for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0; $s; } my @c2; $c2[ ord( $c1[ $_ ] ) ] = $_ for 0 .. 36; sub toB37 { my $n = 0; $n = $n * 37 + $c2[$_] for unpack 'C*', $_[0]; $n; }

Which actually works out a bit quicker still, but not as fast as mbethke's unrolled version.

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