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I think you are missing the original point of advice dog, which was to give horrible, retarded, or even downright malicious advice (like so). Also, as someone who has spent the bestworst years of his life in the unspeakable horror that is the origin of advice dog, and 90% of all memes in general (yes, I'm talking about that place which lovingly refers to itself as "The Asshole of the Internets"), I don't particularly want PM to start trying to imitate it and failing horribly.

Having said that, I suppose I would be a little more open to it if instead of trying to use established advice animals and doing it wrong, the available macros were limited to OC with a Perlish (or PM) flavor. Maybe something that pokes fun at the subtle, nuanced ways in which even our most esteemed users act like flaming asshats (Self-Righteous Saint? Douchebag Deacon?), or makes very generalizing stereotypes about the different types of users (Indians making posts with horrible markup/grammar, 16-year-olds trying to hide the fact that they are obviously asking for help on their homework). Naturally, we would use original images, perhaps even images of our own monks. But there's a big problem with this: image macros require a casual, easy-going attitude to avoid getting butthurt, and I'm not sure if everyone in our community is ready for this. Yesterday a certain Apostle (who shall remain nameless) chastised me for linking to LMGTFY (not only that, but I also obfuscated my link--the horror!). I think if image macros were to be implemented properly--that is, as a tool for users to be snarky and provocative--then they would anger a number of people in the PM aristocracy. And if they were used improperly--as a way to make lame jokes or condense any random thought into two lines--it would anger me. And probably the aristocracy as well.

I was thinking maybe we could limit macros to something you could only post as a (new) poetry node, or even have a separate section for macros that can be discussed and voted on, but there are already so many sites like that. If we really wanted to degenerate ourselves to the level of 26-year-old virgin basement-dwellers, we could go and form a clench there. The Monastery is not the most sanitary place on the Internets, but at least it doesn't have AIDS or cancer, and we shouldn't take the risk of doing anything that can introduce it within our walls.

TL;DR- do it right, do it with original memes, do it somewhere else.

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