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It doesn't look like you're actually calculating any odds, you're just taking some odds you've gotten from somewhere, correct? There are so many variables in a typical poker game that witout more rigorous calculations I would not trust my money to your program.

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Re: Re: Poker Odds for Texas Holdem
by David Caughell (Monk) on Mar 09, 2004 at 21:09 UTC

    Well, there are a lot of people who've written a lot better stuff on poker odds: Sklansky, for example (and if you want to google "nofoldem" you might find something).

    That being said, I'm pretty sure that this does produce accurate results for the scenarios I mentioned: what are the odds of hitting a four-flush from the flop to the river? I think roughly 31.5%

    As to how to use that information, therein lies the art of poker. I just wanted something that I could take a quick look at if I wanted to know my chances of hitting a certain card.