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(code) WindowMaker background image rotater

by ybiC (Prior)
on Mar 14, 2004 at 23:05 UTC ( #336558=snippet: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Description: Randomly rotate WindowMaker background image.   For Debian use, place script in /etc/init.d/ directory, and symlink from /etc/rcS.d/, or else call the script from cron reboot jobs.

Woof - four months is too long to go between perlings.   8^P

As always, critique is welcome and requested.

Update: Thanks to Corion, chip, theorbtwo, and dws for CB help in getting my brain back into perl mode with this.

#!/usr/bin/perl5.8.0 -w

# pod at tail

use strict;
use Cwd;
# use Module::Versions::Report;

my $dir      = '/usr/share/WindowMaker/Backgrounds';
my $linkname = '00rotation_image';
my $randfile = '';

print "Rotating WindowMaker background image... ";
chdir $dir or die "$!\n";
$randfile = RandFile($dir) until (-f $randfile && -B _);

if (-e $linkname){
  die "$!\n" unless (-l $linkname && -w _);
  unlink $linkname or die "$!\n";
symlink $randfile, $linkname or die "$!\n";
print "done.\n";

sub RandFile {
  opendir F, $_[0] or die "$!\n";
  my @F = grep { /^\w.*/ } readdir F;
  return $F[rand @F];

=head1 TITLE


 Place script in /etc/init.d directory,
 symlink from /etc/rcS.d,
 point WindowMaker background image to $linkname

 Or call script from cron reboot job


 Randomly rotate WindowMaker background images.

=head1 TODO

 Check for -f and -B from within &RandFile()

=head1 UPDATE

 2004-03-15   12:35 CST
   Test against Perl 5.6.1
   Revise logic for checks - exists, writable, symlink
   Trivial code correction and pod tweaks
   Post to PM Snippets
   Rewrite as small script instead of one-liner

   Initial working code

=head1 TESTED

 Debian                    3.0r2
 Perl                      5.8.0  5.6.1
 strict                    1.02   1.01
 warnings                  1.00
 Cwd                       2.06   2.04
 Modules::Versions::Report 1.02

=head1 BUGS

 None that I know of

=head1 CREDITS

 Thanks to Corion, chip, theorbtwo, and dws
 for CB help in getting my brain back into perl mode with this.
 And to some guy named vroom.

 perl -e 'opendir F,".";@F=readdir F;print $F[rand @F];'
 ls -l | perl -e '@F=<>;print $F[rand @F];'

=head1 AUTHOR


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