in reply to exactly 390 bytes

Well, here's the start of the ripping apart of this cool piece of text. I don't currently have the time to reverse engineer the whole thing, I may come back to it later if nobody else does so first:

s//ucfirst/e and s/c/ chr oct hex acdac/eg xor s/o/ study dive/eg and s/\n//g and s/r /oo do reverse / xor s/o do/chr reverse ord srand hyper/e and s/s/lcfirst/eee if s// ILwHChJwulrZrjqBkNAsAoXVcFMopbloPRZAcwJMcAcR ogctmccXVNgNLoorWVPvJoPocohNPoaccoSRcQWMcqwWAngtc ugnAKocovocoKxSLdiocEocTJTMYobcTJEcTcZocccDBcbEjc oWRABvGZoYoVcfAnaoooAQATJnbLcoCoHzuPyJQIaIWNLqSxs Lwr/x