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Re: exactly 390 bytes

by Anonymous Monk
on Mar 23, 2004 at 08:23 UTC ( #338925=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to exactly 390 bytes

Well, here's the start of the ripping apart of this cool piece of text. I don't currently have the time to reverse engineer the whole thing, I may come back to it later if nobody else does so first:

s//ucfirst/e and s/c/ chr oct hex acdac/eg xor s/o/ study dive/eg and s/\n//g and s/r /oo do reverse / xor s/o do/chr reverse ord srand hyper/e and s/s/lcfirst/eee if s// ILwHChJwulrZrjqBkNAsAoXVcFMopbloPRZAcwJMcAcR ogctmccXVNgNLoorWVPvJoPocohNPoaccoSRcQWMcqwWAngtc ugnAKocovocoKxSLdiocEocTJTMYobcTJEcTcZocccDBcbEjc oWRABvGZoYoVcfAnaoooAQATJnbLcoCoHzuPyJQIaIWNLqSxs Lwr/x

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Re^3: exactly 390 bytes
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 23, 2004 at 08:44 UTC

    My /eee foo is weak. I have absolutely no clue what a /eee switch does on a regex. Here's what I've worked the whole thing down to and I don't understand how it works its magic. I know that /eee is on the perl purity test, but I'm still clueless :|

    $_ = " ILwHChJwulrZrjqBkNAsA1XV8FM1pbl1PRZA8wJM 8A8R1g8tm88XVNgNL11rWVPvJ1P181hNP1a881SR8QWM8qw WAngt8ugnAK181v181KxSLdi18E18TJTMY1b8TJE8T8Z188 8DB8bEj81WRABvGZ1Y1V8fAna111AQATJnbL81C1HzuPyJQ IaIWNLqSxsLwo^ reverse ILwHChJwulrZrjqBkNAsA1XV 8FM1pbl1PRZA8wJM8A8R1g8tm88XVNgNL11rWVPvJ1P181h NP1a881SR8QWM8qwWAngt8ugnAK181v181KxSLdi18E18TJ TMY1b8TJE8T8Z1888DB8bEj81WRABvGZ1Y1V8fAna111AQA TJnbL81C1HzuPyJQIaIWNLqSxsLwr"; s/\n//g; s/s/lcfirst/eee;
      This is a brilliant obfu
      I've worked it out i think following on from the above spoiler here's it a bit further:
      Basically the first /e replaces the first s with an lcfirst version of the string (which is actually
      exactly the same as the first char is a space) so we now have this in $_:
      $_=" ILwHChJwulrZrjqBkNAILwHChJwulrZrjqBkNAsA1XV8FM1 pbl1PRZA8wJM8A8R1g8tm88XVNgNL11rWVPvJ1P181hNP1a881SR8QWM8 qwWAngt8ugnAK181v181KxSLdi18E18TJTMY1b8TJE8T8Z1888DB8bEj8 1WRABvGZ1Y1V8fAna111AQATJnbL81C1HzuPyJQIaIWNLqSxsLwo^ reverse ILwHChJwulrZrjqBkNAsA1XV8FM1pbl1PRZA8wJM8A8R1g8tm 88XVNgNL11rWVPvJ1P181hNP1a881SR8QWM8qwWAngt8ugnAK181v181K xSLdi18E18TJTMY1b8TJE8T8Z1888DB8bEj81WRABvGZ1Y1V8fAna111A QATJnbL81C1HzuPyJQIaIWNLqSxsLwrA1XV8FM1pbl1PRZA8wJM8A8R1g 8tm88XVNgNL11rWVPvJ1P181hNP1a881SR8QWM8qwWAngt8ugnAK181v1 81KxSLdi18E18TJTMY1b8TJE8T8Z1888DB8bEj81WRABvGZ1Y1V8fAna1 11AQATJnbL81C1HzuPyJQIaIWNLqSxsLwo^ reverse LwHChJwulrZrj qBkNAsA1XV8FM1pbl1PRZA8wJM8A8R1g8tm88XVNgNL11rWVPvJ1P181h NP1a881SR8QWM8qwWAngt8ugnAK181v181KxSLdi18E18TJTMY1b8TJE8 T8Z1888DB8bEj81WRABvGZ1Y1V8fAna111AQATJnbL81C1HzuPyJQIaIW NLqSxsLwr"

      (without the linebreaks)
      This is actually three strings (split by ^).
      These three strings are ^'d by the second /e which produces this:
      ILwHChJwulrZrjqBkNA;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;print$#{$#= pack V6,unpack N6,join$",tsuJona,rehtreP,ah,lrekc}if$\=$/ __END__
      which is the actual japh - this is evaled by the third e....
      very very nice. I must admit - i'm curious who this anonymous monk is....

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