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I appreciate your input and am glad that none of this has turned into a long-standing problem. Your points are well-taken. It was all meant to be good fun and in deciding how to achieve maximum effect I was trying to decide whether to make the change affect only the current user's node, or other users' nodes and what sorts of probabilities for each. In the end I decided both with differing probabilities.

The point you raised does make sense and in my attempts to maximize the effect of the humor (in my mind at least) perhaps I didn't consider all possible consequences. I'm glad in the end a compromise could be found and humor could still exist w/o misrepresenting a user to others.

Hopefully we're all a little wiser, learned something from this and had some laughs in the process. Thanks for being willing to express your views. I'm glad I haven't irreparably offended you since your contributions here are valued. Also I like your new homenode button.