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by bbfu (Curate)
on Apr 05, 2004 at 00:11 UTC ( #342539=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: E-Mail Programs
Author/Contact Info

Cory Johns <>

Description: This module allows you to access your web-based Yahoo Mail account programatically. Similar in function to Mail::Webmail::Yahoo, this module is more geared towards manipulation of individual messages, rather than simple bulk download.
package Mail::Client::Yahoo;

#***** Interface *****#

sub login;
sub logout;

sub folder_list;
sub select_folder;

sub folder_size;
sub folder_count;

sub message_list;

sub message_size;
sub message_head;
sub message_body;
sub message;

sub move_message;
sub delete_message;

sub send_message;

sub empty_trash;

#***** Implementation *****#

use WWW::Mechanize;
use HTML::TableExtract;
use Mail::Header;
use Mail::Internet;

our $VERSION = 1.0;

our %URLs = (
  login   => '',
  slogin  => '',
  logout  => 'Logout',
  folders => 'Folders',
  box     => 'ShowFolder?sort=date&order=up&box=%s',
  msghead => 'ShowLetter?bodyPart=HEADER&box=%s&MsgId=%s',
  msgbody => 'ShowLetter?bodyPart=TEXT&box=%s&MsgId=%s',
  message => 'ShowLetter?box=%s&MsgId=%s',
  movemsg => 'ShowLetter?MOV=1&.crumb=%s&box=%s&destBox=%s&MsgId=%s',
  delmsg  => 'ShowLetter?DEL=%A0Delete%A0&box=%s&MsgId=%s',
  sendmsg => 'Compose',

our %Patterns = (
  login_form    => 'login_form',
  user_field    => 'login',
  pass_field    => 'passwd',

  move_form     => 'showLetter',
  crumb_field   => '.crumb',

  delete_form   => 'showLetter',
  delete_field  => 'DEL',

  send_form     => 'Compose',
  to_field      => 'To',
  cc_field      => 'Cc',
  bcc_field     => 'Bcc',
  subject_field => 'Subj',
  body_field    => 'Body',
  html_field    => 'Format',
  html_value    => 'html',
  save_field    => 'SaveCopy',
  save_value    => 'yes',
  attach_field  => 'ATT',
  attach_value  => '1',
  send_button   => 'SEND',
  send_error    => qr/class="errmsg"/i,

  attach_form   => 'Attachments',
  first_field   => 'userFile0',
  second_field  => 'userFile1',
  third_field   => 'userFile2',
  attach_button => 'UPL',

  aconfirm_form => 'Compose',

  folder_link   => qr/\/ShowFolder\?.*\bbox=((?:%40B%40)?([^&]+))/,
  folder_size   => qr/(\d+[MKB])/i,
  folder_unread => qr/(\S+)/,

  message_link  => qr/\/ShowLetter\?.*\bMsgId=([^&]+)/,
  message_size  => qr/(\d+[MKB])/i,

  first_link    => qr/^First$/,
  next_link     => qr/^Next$/,

  empty_link    => qr/^Empty$/,

  bad_user      => qr/This Yahoo! ID does not exist/i,
  bad_pass      => qr/invalid password/i,

  folder_stats  => {
    'name'      => 'Name',
    'count'     => 'Messages',
    'unread'    => 'Unread',
    'size'      => 'Size',
  message_stats => {
    'from'      => 'Sender',
    'link'      => 'Subject',
    'date'      => 'Date',
    'size'      => 'Size',

  my $self = shift;

sub error {
  my $self = shift;

sub login {
  my $class = shift;
  my $self  = bless {}, $class;
  my %args  = @_;

  $self->{error} = sub {
    my $msg = $self->{mech}->res->message;
    $msg = shift()."\n" if $msg =~ /^OK/;
    ($args{error} || sub { die @_ })->(
      "$self->{phase} failed on $self->{step}: $msg"

  my $mech = $self->{mech} = Mail::Client::Yahoo::Mechanize->new(
    autocheck => 1,
    onerror   => $self->{error},
    onwarn    => $self->{error},

  $self->{phase} = 'Login';

  $self->{step} = 'Front Page Retrieval';
  $mech->get($args{secure} ? $URLs{slogin} : $URLs{login});

  $self->{step} = 'Login Submission';
    form_name => $Patterns{login_form},
    fields => {
      $Patterns{user_field} => $args{username},
      $Patterns{pass_field} => $args{password},

  $self->{step} = 'Redirection';
  while(my $redir = $mech->res->header('Location')) {
  if ( $mech->content =~ m#window.location.replace\("([^"]*?)"# ) {

  $self->{step} = 'Login';
  if($mech->content =~ $Patterns{bad_user}) {
    $self->error("Invalid username");
  } elsif($mech->content =~ $Patterns{bad_pass}) {
    $self->error("Invalid password");

  $self->{connected} = 1;

  return $self;

sub logout {
  my $self = shift;
  return unless $self->{connected};

  $self->{phase} = 'Logout';
  $self->{step}  = 'Logout Submission';

  undef $self->{mech};
  %$self = ();

  return $self;

sub _fetch_folder_stats {
  my $self = shift;

  $self->{step} = 'Folder Stats Retrieval';

  my @stats = keys %{$Patterns{folder_stats}};
  my @cols  = @{$Patterns{folder_stats}}{@stats};

  my $te = new HTML::TableExtract(headers => [@cols], keep_html => 1);

  foreach my $row ($te->rows) {
    my %stats;
    @stats{@stats} = @$row;
    next unless $stats{name} =~ $Patterns{folder_link};
    $stats{box} = $1;
    $stats{name} = $2;
    $stats{size} = $1 if $stats{size} =~ $Patterns{folder_size};
    $stats{unread} = $1 if $stats{unread} =~ $Patterns{folder_unread};
    %{$self->{folder_list}{$stats{name}}} = %stats;

sub folder_list {
  my $self = shift;
  $self->{phase} = 'Folder List';
  $self->_fetch_folder_stats() unless exists $self->{folder_list};
  return keys %{$self->{folder_list}};

sub select_folder {
  my $self = shift;
  my $name = shift;

  return if $name eq $self->{current_folder};

  $self->{phase} = 'Select Folder';

  $self->_fetch_folder_stats() unless exists $self->{folder_list};

  $self->{step} = 'Folder Existance';

  $self->error("Folder `$name' does not exist")
    unless exists $self->{folder_list}{$name};

  $self->{current_folder} = $name;

  delete $self->{message_list};
  delete $self->{message_stats};

  return $self->{folder_list}{$name}{size};

sub folder_size {
  my $self = shift;
  my $box  = shift() || $self->{current_folder};
  $self->{phase} = 'Folder Size';
  $self->_fetch_folder_stats() unless exists $self->{folder_list};
  return $self->{folder_list}{$box}{size};

sub folder_count {
  my $self = shift;
  my $box  = shift() || $self->{current_folder};
  $self->{phase} = 'Folder Count';
  $self->_fetch_folder_stats() unless exists $self->{folder_list};
  return $self->{folder_list}{$box}{count};

sub _fetch_message_list {
  my $self = shift;

  $self->{step} = 'Message List Retrieval';

  $self->error('No folder selected') unless defined $self->{current_fo

  # Read the folder, and make sure we're on the first page
  $self->{mech}->get(sprintf $URLs{box}, $self->{current_folder});
  $self->{mech}->follow_link(text_regex => $Patterns{first_link});

  do {
    my @stats = keys %{$Patterns{message_stats}};
    my @cols  = @{$Patterns{message_stats}}{@stats};
    my $te = new HTML::TableExtract(headers => [@cols], keep_html => 1
    foreach my $row ($te->rows) {
      my %stats;
      @stats{@stats} = @$row;
      next unless $stats{link} =~ $Patterns{message_link};
      $stats{msgid} = $1;
      $stats{size} = $1 if $stats{size} =~ $Patterns{message_size};
      push @{$self->{message_list}}, $stats{msgid};
      %{$self->{message_stats}{$stats{msgid}}} = %stats;
  } while($self->{mech}->follow_link(text_regex => $Patterns{next_link

sub _id_or_index {
  my $self = shift;
  my $i    = shift;

  $self->_fetch_message_list() unless exists $self->{message_list};

  return $i if exists $self->{message_stats}{$i};
  return $self->{message_list}[$i] if 0 <= $i && $i < @{$self->{messag
  $self->error("Invalid message id: $i");

sub message_list {
  my $self = shift;
  $self->{phase} = 'Message List';
  $self->_fetch_message_list() unless exists $self->{message_list};
  return @{$self->{message_list}};

sub message_size {
  my $self = shift;

  $self->{phase} = 'Message Size';
  $self->{step}  = 'Message Size';

  my $msgid = $self->_id_or_index(shift);

  return $self->{message_stats}{$msgid}{size};

sub message_head {
  my $self = shift;

  $self->{phase} = 'Message Headers';
  $self->{step}  = 'Header Retrieval';

  my $msgid = $self->_id_or_index(shift);

  $self->{mech}->get(sprintf $URLs{msghead}, $self->{current_folder}, 

  return Mail::Header->new([split /(?<=\n)/, $self->{mech}->content]);

sub message_body {
  my $self = shift;

  $self->{phase} = 'Message Body';
  $self->{step}  = 'Body Retrieval';

  my $msgid = $self->_id_or_index(shift);

  $self->{mech}->get(sprintf $URLs{msgbody}, $self->{current_folder}, 

  return Mail::Internet->new(
    Body => [split /(?<=\n)/, $self->{mech}->content],

sub message {
  my $self = shift;

  $self->{phase} = 'Message';
  $self->{step}  = 'Message Retrieval';

  my $msgid = $self->_id_or_index(shift);

  return Mail::Internet->new(
    Header => $self->message_head($msgid),
    Body   => $self->message_body($msgid)->body,

sub move_message {
  my $self = shift;

  $self->{phase} = 'Move Message';
  $self->{step} = 'Input Validation';

  my $msgid = $self->_id_or_index(shift);
  my $dest = shift;

  $self->error("Invalid folder")
    unless exists $self->{folder_list}{$dest};

  $self->{step} = 'Message Selection';
  $self->{mech}->get(sprintf $URLs{message}, $self->{current_folder}, 

  # Would that I could just submit the 'Move to folder' form,
  # but alas, HTML::Form (and by extension WWW::Mechanize)
  # doesn't allow a SELECT to take on a value not in the OPTION
  # list. It doesn't even provide a way to override it.  Crappy. :(
  # So, instead, I must extract the crumb and fetch manually.
  $self->{step} = 'Move Submission';
  my $crumb = $self->{mech}->current_form->value($Patterns{crumb_field
    sprintf $URLs{movemsg}, $crumb, $self->{current_folder}, $dest, $m

sub delete_message {
  my $self = shift;

  $self->{phase} = 'Delete Message';
  $self->{step} = 'Input Validation';

  my $msgid = $self->_id_or_index(shift);

  $self->{step} = 'Message Selection';
  $self->{mech}->get(sprintf $URLs{message}, $self->{current_folder}, 

  $self->{step} = 'Delete Submission';
    form_name => $Patterns{delete_form},
    button    => $Patterns{delete_field},

sub send_message {
  my $self = shift;
  my %args = @_;
  my $mech = $self->{mech};

  $self->{phase} = 'Send Message';

  $self->{step} = 'Input Validation';
  $self->error('No recipient specified') unless exists $args{to};
  $self->error('No subject specified')   unless exists $args{subject};
  $self->error('No body specified')      unless exists $args{body};

  $self->{step} = 'Form Retrieval';

  if($args{attach}) {
    $self->{step} = 'Attach Files';
      form_name => $Patterns{send_form},
      fields => {
        $Patterns{attach_field}  => $Patterns{attach_value},
      form_name => $Patterns{attach_form},
      fields => {
        @$args{attach} >= 0 ? ($Patterns{first_field}  => $args{attach
+}[0]) :(),
        @$args{attach} >= 1 ? ($Patterns{second_field} => $args{attach
+}[1]) :(),
        @$args{attach} >= 2 ? ($Patterns{third_field}  => $args{attach
+}[2]) :(),
      button => $Patterns{attach_button},
      form_name => $Patterns{aconfirm_form},

  # HTML::Form doesn't allow you to set the value of certain inputs to
  # something other than the values supplied by the webpage.  Nor does
  # it provide a way to add new values to that list.  However, some
  # websites use JavaScript to set the inputs to new values, and we
  # need to emulate that.  Thus, we have to manually add the value to
  # the list of possible values, and then select it.
  if($args{html}) {
    my $cb = $mech->current_form()->find_input($Patterns{html_field}, 
+undef, 0);
    push @{$cb->{menu}}, $Patterns{html_value};

    form_name => $Patterns{send_form},
    fields => {
      (exists $args{to}      ? ($Patterns{to_field}      => $args{to})
+     :()),
      (exists $args{cc}      ? ($Patterns{cc_field}      => $args{cc})
+     :()),
      (exists $args{bcc}     ? ($Patterns{bcc_field}     => $args{bcc}
+)    :()),
      (exists $args{subject} ? ($Patterns{subject_field} => $args{subj
      (exists $args{body}    ? ($Patterns{body_field}    => $args{body
+})   :()),
        exists $args{save}   ? (
          $Patterns{save_field} => $args{save} ? $Patterns{save_value}
+ : undef,
        ) : ()
    button => $Patterns{send_button},

  if($mech->response->as_string() =~ $Patterns{send_error}) {
    $self->error('Error sending message');

sub empty_trash {
  my $self = shift;

  $self->{phase} = 'Empty Trash';
  $self->{step}  = 'Folder List Retrieval';

  $self->{step}  = 'Empty Submission';
  $self->{mech}->follow_link(text_regex => $Patterns{empty_link});

#***** WWW::Mechanize Subclass *****#

package Mail::Client::Yahoo::Mechanize;

use base 'WWW::Mechanize';

# We subclass WWW::Mechanize to try to catch error messages from Yahoo
sub get {
  my $self = shift;
  my $resp = $self->SUPER::get(@_);

  # This might be a little fragile.  Not too much, though.
      $self->content =~ /<!--\s*start error\s*-->/
      $self->content =~ /<!--\s*end error\s*-->/
      $self->content =~ /<!--\s*error code:\s+((?:\w+\s?)+)\s+-->/
  ) {
    $self->die("Yahoo error: $1");

  return $resp;

=head1 NAME



  use Mail::Client::Yahoo;

  $y = Mail::Client::Yahoo->login(
    username => 'bob',
    password => 'secret',
    secure   => 1,            # for the paranoid and patient


  $m = $y->message(0);        # is equivalent to...
  @ids = $y->message_list();




This module allows you to access your web-based Yahoo Mail account
programatically.  Similar in function to L<Mail::Webmail::Yahoo>, this
module is more geared towards manipulation of individual messages,
rather than simple bulk download.  This module is also probably more
reliable than L<Mail::Webmail::Yahoo>, as well.

=head1 METHODS

=head2 login( %options )

Creates a new Mail::Client::Yahoo object, and logs in to the Yahoo
Mail server.  You must include the C<username> and C<password>
options.  (The username and password is sent over a secure HTTPS

You may also include an C<error> option, which should be a reference
to a subroutine to be called if there is an error.  The default
handler simply dies.

You may also include a C<secure> option, which should be either 0 or
1.  If C<secure> is 1, the session uses a secure HTTPS connection,
instead of a standard HTTP connection (the default).  Note that the
secure connection will be slower, and the username and password are
always sent over HTTPS, regardless of the value of C<secure>.

=head2 logout( )

Log out, and disconnect from the server.

=head2 folder_list( )

Returns a list of the names of all available folders.

=head2 select_folder( $name )

Selects the current working folder.  This must be done before any of
the message methods may be used.

=head2 folder_size( $name )

Returns the size of a folder, as give by Yahoo.  This size will
usually be a string ending in `K', which gives the number of kilobytes
in the message.  This is not an exact size.

=head2 folder_count( $name )

Returns the number of messages in a folder.

=head2 message_list( )

Returns an array containing the message-id's of all the messages in
the current folder.

=head2 message_size( $msgid_or_index )

Returns the size of the message, as given in the folder listing.  As
with the folder size, it is not exact, and will most likely be a
number followed by a `K' or `M', indicating kilobytes and megabytes,

Note: The parameter passed may either be a message-id, such as
returned from the L<message_list( )> function, or the index of a
message in that list.

=head2 message_head( $msgid_or_index )

Returns a L<Mail::Header> object containing the headers of the message

=head2 message_body( $msgid_or_index )

Returns a L<Mail::Internet> object containing the body of the message.
Note that the returned object contains B<only> the body of the
message; the headers are left empty.

This is the complete (possibly MIME-encoded) message body, including
any attachments.

=head2 message( $msgid_or_index )

Returns a L<Mail::Internet> object containing both the headers and
body of the message.

This is the complete message, including any attachments.

=head2 move_message( $msgid_or_index, $folder_name )

Moves a message from the current folder to another folder.

=head2 delete_message( $msgid_or_index )

Moves a message from the current folder to the special Trash folder.
Note that the Trash folder is not emptied automatically (though it may
be purged by Yahoo at random times).

=head2 send_message( %options )

Sends a message via the Yahoo website.  You must specify a primary
recipient via C<to>, a C<subject>, and a C<body>.  You may also
specify additional recipients via C<cc> and C<bcc>, a boolean
indicating whether to save the message in your Sent folder via
C<save>, and a boolean indicating whether the body contains HTML
formatting via C<html>.

Additionally, you can specify an array reference via C<attach>
containing a list of up to three file names to upload as attachments.

=head2 empty_trash( )

Removes all messages from the Trash folder.  These messages are
permanently lost.

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<Mail::Header>, L<Mail::Internet>, L<WWW::Mechanize>, L<HTML::TableEx

=head1 AUTHOR

Copyright 2004, Cory Johns.

This module is free software; you can redistribute and/or
modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Address bug reports and comments to: 
Cory Johns E<lt>L<>E<gt>

Replies are listed 'Best First'.
Re: Mail::Client::Yahoo
by Anonymous Monk on Apr 05, 2004 at 01:51 UTC

    If only Yahoo would provide an IMAP server (rather than just POP3). This would make things much simpler :)

Re: Mail::Client::Yahoo
by kesterkester (Hermit) on Apr 05, 2004 at 17:26 UTC

    This is great-- you should put it on CPAN posthaste!

Re: Mail::Client::Yahoo
by Anonymous Monk on Dec 29, 2004 at 08:05 UTC
    I am getting error as : Login failed on Front Page Retrieval: Can't connect to (Bad hostname '') Can anyone help me to resolve this problem

      Can you connect to via your web browser? If not, then is there another URL you use to access Yahoo?

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      Fearless on my breath

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