in reply to Perl CGI and books


Take book 2 on your list and be very careful NOT to read it. It makes an excellent doorstop, paperweight or some such other thing. Sadly I purchased a copy on the recomendation of a friend and it is full of bad advice and bad code.

The mouse book, #1 on your list, is good, but now somewhat dated. The blue book (number 3) is a good reference, but using on its own is very limiting.

Meltzer and Michalski is useful and possibly one of the better "also ran" books.

Also look for a book by Paul DuBois - Perl and MySQL for the web, it gives lots of good advice on wiriting CGI applications beyond the simple form. Apart form that you can try most of these books on Safari, it has been useful for me so I have no hesitation in recomending it.