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Also the always mentioned slashcode (Slashdot) and Everything (perlmonks) It might be interesting to see what the load on Slashdot is I could not find it but I know they post it somewhere.

Just to add, i think that one of Perl's downfalls is it's the Swiss army knife of programming languages. Its almost too versitile and it spans all needs. Not being the flavor of the month makes people forget it's power. They then jump on other languages. Just like the knife, it can open a bottle of wine, but if you have the latest Digital one-stroke bottle opener with dynamic feedback which one are you going to use.

But then the digital bottle opener wont help you when you need to open that box sitting on your desk.

Note: I am in the process of learning a little Java to expand my personal world. Although I don't think I will ever lose my perl bias.