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As others have said, use SUPER. A more obscure option is to alias the CGI::redirect function, something like:
use base 'CGI'; BEGIN { *cgi_redirect = \&CGI::redirect; } sub redirect { my($self,$uri) = @_; $self->cgi_redirect($uri); }
I forgot to mention that instead of SUPER, you can also always use the full class name. You were close, but instead of CGI::redirect($self, $uri) you should use $self->CGI::redirect($uri).

This is useful (necessary) if you use multiple inheritance and both parent classes defined the same subroutine. So if you had:
package BaseA; sub func {} package BaseB; sub func {}; package Derived; use base qw(BaseA BaseB); sub func { my $self = shift; $self->SUPER::func(); # calls BaseA::func $self->BaseA::func(); # same $self->BaseB::func(); # only way to access BaseB::func }